Ethernet RFID readers

Take advantage of the Turck’s RFID readers Q300 with direct cloud connection to increase production efficiency, shorten delivery times, reduce production costs and the number of errors!

RFID readers for Tracking and Monitoring

RFID readers allow you to optimally manage machines, tools and materials, reduce production costs, shorten delivery times, reduce the number of errors and increase production efficiency. You can achieve  up-to-date data, available wherever and whenever we need it, is the basis for effective decisions.

Industrial RFID readers automatically:

  • collect data,
  • allowing you to track material flows,
  • monitor the efficiency of machinery and equipment,
  • monitor the condition of fixed assets.

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Optimize processes in Production and Logistics

  • Turck RFID Readers Q300 application
  • Turck RFID Readers Q300 application
  • Turck RFID Readers Q300 application

Industrial UHF RFID readers are especially common in the field of intralogistics and so-called “gate applications”. The  HF technology is an important driver of digital production processes and the HF RFID readers have been used successfully in production processes for many years. Turck has industrial RFID readers available for you, operating on both UHF and HF frequencies.

Among other things, you can also use the read/write heads for fast and reliable tracking of material in intralogistics, tracking of individual products, tracking of transport carriers through the production process,…

Exploit superior connectivity

Turck’s industrial UHF and HF RFID readers can be connected to both, IT systems (MES, ERP) and production control units with the same interfaces. OPC UA, Modbus TCP, PROFINET and Ethernet IP are available. The reader can also be connected to PLC systems without special function modules.

Reader configuration is Web-based, a test environment is performed for easier start-up, and a direct connection of the reader (i.e., of the read/write heads) to the cloud is possible. Readers can be programmed on Linux or with the CoDeSys software package, with:

  • V3 programming according to IEC 61131-3
  • V3 PLC Runtime
  • OPC-UA Server
Turck RFID Readers Q300 connectivity

Connect Q300 directly to the cloud

Turck RFID Readers Q300 connect to cloud

Features of the UHF RFID reader (read/write heads) Q300 for “gate applications”:

  • Built-in web server for reader setup
  • UHF RFID test tool on a web basis for easy layout evaluation
  • Front UV-resistant active surface
  • Connection of up to 4 passive RFID UHF antennas
  • 4 digital, switchable inputs and outputs
  • 2 W (ERP) maximum output power
  • LED diagnostics

Get to know other Turck’s RFID products

IP67 handheld RFID reader

IP67 handheld RFID reader

There is also a handheld RFID reader Turck PD67 , which is intended for reading/writing on UHF and HF tags with the additional option of reading a barcode. It allows you to monitor fixed assets and track flow of material.

IP67 RFID interface

IP67 RFID interface

IP67 RFID interface simplifies the installation of UHF and HF readers. Up to 128 read/write heads can be connected to the RFID interface module in the “HF bus mode”.

RFID readers Turck

RFID readers

RFID is used several real world applications, e.g., mobile containers can be checked without the need to open them. The central container data are automatically saved, called up and checked, excluding errors and increasing production efficiency.

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Turck RFID Readers Q300

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