Fluid Sensor Family for detection from a single source

A unique and innovative Fluid Sensor Family Turck detects flow, pressure, temperature and level from a single source. The Fluid+ family boasts high availability, simplicity of connection, flexibility and ease of use. Use it for automated fluid detection and monitoring across a variety of industries.

Measure 4 variables with one Fluid Sensor Family

Turck has developed fluid sensor technology that detects four measured variables – flow, pressure, temperature and level – from a single source with a Fluid Sensor Family. Fluid+ family boasts an intuitive operating concept across all types of devices, which makes commissioning and handling easier than ever before.

An extremely robust housing with protection class IP69K is enabled due to the absence of mechanical buttons. Modular process connections allow combinations of the frontend, sensor unit and backend that are tailored to your needs within short delivery times. To exploit the full potential of the F+ family the sensors provide additional information for condition monitoring or sensor-to-cloud solutions via IO-Link.

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Five Sensors – One Operating Concept

The philosophy behind the Fluid+ sensor platform is: Everything that can be designed uniformly is implemented uniformly. This creates resources for unique, innovative solutions that make each of five fluid sensors listed below better than comparable individual devices. At the same time, each sensor type boasts specific characteristics to make their usage and commissioning as simple as possible:

  • Integrated temperature measurement eliminates the need for an additional sensor in simple applications
  • Delta flow monitoring for reliable commissioning, even in the case of fluctuations in flow
  • Quick-Teach for rapid commissioning

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  • Compact devices with an integrated sensor or remote devices with attached sensor unit
  • Compatible with thermocouple probes
  • Automatic detection of the probe type TC or Pt
  • 2-color display indicates when the setpoint is exceeded by changing color to red
  • Variants for differential pressure measurement with one sensor
  • Devices with ceramic measuring cell or fully welded metal measuring cell for overpressure resistance up to seven times the nominal pressure
  • For demanding applications and larger vessels up to 10 meters measuring distance
  • Radar monitor visualizes radar reflections in real time for simple suppression of interference signals by grids or other measuring obstacles

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  • For smaller tanks up to 1,30 meters measuring distance
  • Radar monitor visualizes radar reflections in real time for simple suppression of interference signals by grids or other measuring obstacles

Check out advantages of the Fluid Sensor Family

Process connections and the sensor units with different measuring principles can be combined flexibly in production. This shortens delivery times even for rare combinations. The modular design principle also paves the way for the unique differential pressure sensor with dual process connection.

The capacitive control keys of sensors instead of mechanical buttons allow protection classes up to IP69K. These keys are guaranteed to be permanent even with long-term use. In addition, the touch control functionality allows for easy control using gestures, such as swiping to lock/unlock devices.

Critical values on the 2-color 14-segment display are clearly shown by changing to red. In this way even untrained employees can immediately see when a measured value is running out of control.

  • Uniform operating concept with capacitive buttons and gesture control
  • Automatic NPN/PNP detection
  • Radar monitor, IODD configurator, Quick-Teach, Delta Flow Monitoring and other functions for fast, safe commissioning even in demanding applications
  • IO-Link 1.1 for transferring additional data for condition monitoring or predictive maintenance
  • Seamless integration in Turck Cloud Solutions enables sensor-to-cloud without programming
  • Switching behavior can be set to normally open or normally closed
  • 340-degree rotating sensor head enables optimal positioning without adapting the process connection
  • Data profiles of other sensor manufacturers can be emulated for a smooth transition to Fluid+ devices
  • Maximum robustness due to IP69K and no need for mechanical buttons
  • Locking mechanism prevents system downtime due to sensor manipulation
  • The materials used are resistant to UV radiation and salt spray for outdoor applications

Use the Fluid+ family in different applications

Benefit from the advantages of the Fluid+ sensor family in a wide variety of industries. Check out the example applications and see your benefits in a way that is clear, practical and to the point:

Level measurement in a dip painting plant

F+ process sensor family - application

From up to 10 m away, LRS+ radar sensors measure the distance and level of cathodic immersion baths.

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Quality assurance on the gluing robot

F+ process sensor family - application

IO-Link-capable PS+ and TS+ pressure and temperature sensors ensure uniform flow behavior of adhesives.

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Cooling circuit monitoring on welding tongs

F+ process sensor family - application

FS+ flow sensors monitor the flow of coolant and warn of critical temperature changes.

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Process pressure measurement in the scissors lift

F+ process sensor family - application

PS+ sensors reliably control the pressure of hydraulic cylinders.

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Level check in the central lubrication system

F+ process sensor family - application

Ultrasonic sensors reliably detect the level of lubricant tanks.

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Flow monitoring in drum washers

F+ process sensor family - application

IO-Link enabled flow sensors control the supply of cleaning agents.

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