Support arms TEKNOKOL – an ergonomic perfection

TEKNOKOL provides the ultimate solution to all your industrial support arm and operator control panel needs! Their height-adjustable support arms boast unrivaled ergonomic flexibility while being compatible with different operator control panels and HMI enclosures, elevating your experience to the next level.

Elevate your industrial experience to the next level

Teknokol is the industry’s top provider, delivering cost-efficient and top-quality solutions. Their cutting-edge technology boasts three distinct support arm series tailored to meet the demands of low, medium, and heavy loads.

Together with exceptional operator-friendliness and unbridled quality, their support arm systems offer compatibility with Teknokol’s Operator Control panels and HMI enclosures – guaranteeing a seamless, superior industrial operator panel solution tailored to your needs.

Experience world-class integration of support arms, control panels, and control systems that offer unbeatable value with speedy delivery, modular assembly, and personalized solutions.

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Ensure comfort with the height-adjustable support arms

height-adjustable support arms Teknokol

Using a height-adjustable support arms for mounting an Operator Control Panels & HMI Enclosure Systems allows for greater ergonomic flexibility and comfort. By positioning the screen at a comfortable viewing height using the by being able to adjust the height of the screen, operators reduce neck, eye, and back strain.  This is especially important in cases of long use periods.

Additionally, a height-adjustable support arms also allow for the Control Panel to be positioned at a variety of heights. This makes it easier for multiple users to find a comfortable viewing position, or for the screen to be adjusted for different tasks or activities.

Durable systems for different loads

Teknokol’s height-adjustable support arm systems allow operators to position heavy-duty panels and monitors based on their ergonomic needs. These systems have a durable body and can carry loads ranging from 10-60 kg.

In the horizontal axis, they provide a height adjustment range of 300 mm both upward and downward.

The system’s body color is RAL 7035, and the plastic group is RAL 7016.

height-adjustable support arms Teknokol

Mount flexibly with VESA Panel Tilting Adaptor

VESA panel tilting adaptor Teknokol

The VESA mount standard is an industry-standard that makes it easier to mount the display (e.g., a flat screen monitor or TV) on a wall so that it takes up less space, or on a movable arm for better ergonomics. By using a VESA-compliant support arm or bracket, you can ensure that the display will be securely attached and compatible with a wide range of mounting options. This allows for more flexibility in positioning the display and frees up desk space.

Teknokol’s TK060.836 VESA/panel tilting adaptor is specifically designed for industrial PCs or monitors that do not have an enclosure. This product enables machine operators to tilt the screen up to +30° or down to -40° for optimal viewing angles.

Provide yourself a customized system

To obtain an individually customized system tailored to your specific needs, please contact Tipteh’s sales engineer.

You will be provided with a 3D drawing of the customized system that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing machine drawing.

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Support Arm Systems and Control Panels Teknokol

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