Smallest micro contactors in the world

Micro contactors (series K0) from Benedict provide space saving design without sacrifice to quality or performance.

Relay-size contactor for tight spaces

Benedict’s K0 contactors are the smallest in the world, both in terms of power and auxiliary (control) design. Therefore they are suitable for installation into small electrical enclosures or tight spaces.

Despite their small size, they can be mounted on a standard 35 mm mounting rail or on a 15 mm mounting rail using an adapter.

Micro contactor K0 Benedict

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A range of available voltages

Micro contactor K0 Benedict

As the distance between the contacts is more than 3 mm, these contactors comply with the IEC 60335-1 standard for Safety Applications. In K0 contactors series , you can choose among:

  • AC: 24 V, 42 V, 110 V, 230 V, 400 V,
  • DC: 12 V, 24 V, 48 V.

Check out other micro contactor versions:

  • for the control of devices in automation, available in all combinations: 2NO + 2NC, 1NO + 3NC, 3NO + 1NC.
  • for switching of small electrical consumers and motors up to 2.2 kW.
  • with a built-in mechanical interlock to prevent both directions of motor rotation from being switched on at the same time.

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Micro contactor K0 Benedict

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