Mini Switch Disconnectors for Photovoltaic

  Mini Switch Disconnectors from Benedict Gmbh are especially developed for Photovoltaic-Installations according to IEC 60364-7-712. Benefit from them in applications with tight space constraints.

Overcome tight space constraints

Mini Switch Disconnectors series „LS“ from Benedict Gmbh are switchgear for applications with tight space constraints.

They are interrupting the DC/AC-Inverter from solar-panels.

Photovoltaic-Installations have to be equipped with DC-Isolators acc. to IEC 60364-7-712.

Mini DC-Switch Disconnectors for Photovoltaic series „LSM“

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Operate photovoltaic systems reliably

Mini DC-Switch Disconnectors series „LSM“

Mini Switch Disconnectors LS series ensure a reliable switching up to 85 A at 1500 V in the category DC-PV1 (= DC21B).

The construction of the switch and the material selection prevent oxidation and inadmissible contact over-heating.

LS diconnectors are equipped with 2 or 4 replaceable single contacts. By serial or parallel wiring the contact rating is increased.

The manual switching speed does not affect the contact switching operation.

Take a look at wiring examples

Contact wiring diagram

Mini Switch Disconnectors series „LSM“ contact wiring diagram

Switching examples

Mini Switch Disconnectors series „LSM“ switching examples

Features of Mini Switch Disconnectors

Mini DC-Switch Disconnectors series „LSM“
  • Reliable switching up to 85 A at 1500 V in category DC21B (DC-PV1),
  • the spring in the switch ensures fast switching and shortens the transient phenomenon,
  • small switch dimensions for a confined space applications,
  • switch contacts additionally protected against oxidation,
  • different models for each application.

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Mini DC-Switch Disconnectors

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