Pick-to-Light: All-in-one Solutions

Pick-to-Light solutions from Turck are based on IP67 components to allow robust, fast and error-free installation without the need for a control cabinet. Reduce installation times and provide an almost 100 % error-free installation with drastically reduced labour costs.

Pick-to-Light technology

Turck’s Pick-To-Light solutions will allow you to optimize your assembly and picking applications. Using Pick-To Light technology, will allow you to deploy visual (optionally audio) signals to indicate the required part in an assembly sequence.

You will also be able to indicate unsuitable parts and to ensure quick and reliable installation and maintenance, without the need for an additional control cabinet.

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Suitable also for demanding applications in restricted spaces

pick-to-light buttons Turck

Turck has further expanded its wide range of sensors and light curtains for the manual mounting control systems with the Pick-To-Light illuminated touch buttons in a flat design. Due to their low height  these buttons are ideal for use in restricted mounting conditions.

You will be able to use these robust IP67 touch buttons even in the most demanding applications. Their plug-and-play qualities allows you to install them easily and quickly. Due to a modular hardware and software approach, you will realise the tailor-made complete Pick-To-Light solutions readily and cost-effectively.

Advantages of Pick-to-Light system

  • Eliminate errors in manual picking/production sequence,
  • increase production reliability,
  • optimize the assembly process,
  • easily train workers at the certain sequence of the assembly process,
  • eliminate unnecessary human errors in the assembly tasks,
  • reduce labour costs,
  • install Pick-to-Light systems quickly,
  • etc.

Pick-to-Light illuminated touch buttons

pick-to-light flat and dome buttons Turck

The function of the K50 Flat button is similar to the usual K50 dome button. It can be used as a touch button, request button or in Pick-to-Light applications. Slight touch contact with the finger or palm with no physical pressure is enough to cause triggering.

The button is actuated with gloves as well as with bare hands. The LED bulbs in the buttons guarantee you a long service life, high light intensity and low energy consumption.

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pick-to-light buttons Turck

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