Laser scanners Micro-Epsilon with integration adapter

Micro-Epsilon developed scanCONTROL AIK adapter for a fast integration of their laser scanners in Cognex VisionPro machine vision software for 2D/3D analysis. This enables integrators fast and easy generation of machine vision applications for comprehensive product analysis in manufacturing and industrial automation.

Laser scanners integrated in Cognex VisionPro

Micro-Epsilon has introduced a software adapter scanCONTROL AIK (Acquisition Integration Kit) that was developed for system integrators. It provides easy and fast integration of their powerful and affordable scanCONTROL series of laser scanners with Cognex VisionPro vision software via the Cognex AIK Server. In tis way, it enables generation of fast and reliable machine vision applications.

The free scanCONTROL AIK was developed in cooperation with Cognex and supports all current scanCONTROL series of laser profile sensors: LLT25x0, LLT29x0, LLT30x0 and LLT30x2.

A short tutorial video that shows how to quickly get connected and setup with the Cognex VisionPro software is available here (Video Tutorials for Software: scanCONTROL AIK adapter).

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Take advantage of powerful 2D/3D analysis software

VisionPro software Cognex

The powerful VisionPro vision software for 2D/3D analysis was developed by Cognex Corporation to setup and deploy vision applications. It combines 2D and 3D vision technologies for performing a wide range of functions from inspection to identification and measurement, especially in production and industrial automation.

With sophisticated pre-trained algorithms for image analysis, it allows you to detect errors or irregularities in industrial products. It can accurately measure the dimensions, angles and shapes of products and detect even minor deviations such as scratches, cracks, and the like. By comparing the components to the required standards, it ensures the appropriate quality of these components.

Check out a wide vision software portfolio

In addition to the Cognex VisionPro software, other machine vision tools are available for integration of Micro-Epsilon’s laser profile sensors. Integrators can use the Micro-Epsilon’s SDKs for C/C++ and C# programming languages or use integration via the GeniCam or GigE Vision interface standards.

Add-ons are also available for LabVIEW, Zebra Aurora Vision Studio, Halcon or other machine vision tools.

Micro-Epsilon scanCONTROL AIK Adapter for Cognex VisionPro

Take advantage of the high performance

laser scanners Micro-Epsilon

Laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon are among the highest performing profile sensors in the world with respect to accuracy and measuring rate. scanCONTROL sensors do not require any external controller. They are a top-quality, cost-effective solution for detection, measurement, and profile evaluation of various target surfaces without contact, in many industrial applications.

The integrated intelligence in the sensor head of the scanCONTROL SMART, easily solves versatile measurement tasks without programming. Models scanCONTROL COMPACT for the customer’s own vision programming are available for integrators.

Use the laser scanners in a wide range of applications

The available scanCONTROL models are suitable for numerous industrial applications – check them out.

You can select applications across many industries according to:

  • the target material (metals, wood, plastic, rubber, other),
  • the type of measurement (profile, 3D image, width, height/step, gap, V-gap, edge, angle, weld/coating adhesives, grooves, surface, position).

If desired, we can provide you with more information for selected applications.

profile scanner Micro-Epsilon applications

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scanCONTROL laser scanners Micro-Epsilon

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