IP camera LCAM 308 for intralogistics

The industry-standard LCAM 308 IP camera from Leuze provides visual checks for stacker cranes and conveyor lines. With the autonomous recording, it enables you quick, efficient, and remote diagnostics of the fault. With the snapshot mode, it provides useful documentation of the process.

Monitor with the LCAM 308 IP camera

industry-standard LCAM 308 IP camera Leuze

Industrial IP cameras (Internet Protocol cameras) enable visual monitoring of areas that are either not accessible or difficult to access to plant operators. This avoids possible collisions and simplifies troubleshooting in case of failure. Due to the industrial design, these robust cameras can be used even in harsh environmental conditions.

You can use the industry-standard LCAM 308 IP camera from Leuze for visual checks in intralogistics. The camera operates autonomously and records the last 60 seconds prior to a fault in a ring memory. If necessary, a live stream can also be started. Using the snapshot mode, it is also possible to capture an individual image.

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Use IP camera in logistics centers

The key criteria for the operation of logistics centers are the efficient flow of goods and high system availability. The traceability of events plays a crucial role in enabling faults to be rectified quickly and efficiently.

The industry-standard LCAM 308 IP camera enables you visual checks on an stacker crane in the event of a fault. At the same time, the available snapshot mode allows capturing of a single image, e.g. for recording the content of a carton for documentation.

stacker cranes in intralogistics

Check the advantages of the IP camera

industry-standard LCAM 308 IP camera Leuze
  • Monitoring of hidden areas
  • Storage in the ring memory of the camera after the trigger
  • Up to 60 seconds prior to the trigger are recorded
  • Transfer and display via standard browsers and standard streaming tools: no extra software required
  • High image quality and storage of the live stream in the camera
  • Floods of data are avoided – only the situation in the relevant time period before and after an event is analyzed
  • Robust for industrial use: metal housing with degree of protection IP 65
  • Easy integration via 24 V voltage supply and M12 connections
  • Universal mounting options via dovetail, threaded holes and an extensive selection of mounting accessories

Perform visual checks on a stacker crane


A stacker crane at a logistics center is used to store and retrieve pallets in the high-bay warehouse. System availability needs to be maximized. In the event of a fault at the stacker crane, you need to determine the cause quickly, efficiently and by means of remote diagnosis.


With the industry-standard LCAM 308 IP camera, you can perform visual checks on an stacker crane in the event of a fault. The camera autonomously records the last 60 seconds before a fault in a ring memory. Optionally, a live stream can be started.

LCAM 308 IP camera - visual checks on stacker crane

Document carton contents

LCAM 308 IP camera - documenting content


The carton content is to be documented at the end of the order picking process at the logistics center. In the case of complaints, you can then check whether the merchandise in the carton was complete when it left the logistics center.


Using the LCAM 308 IP camera’s snapshot mode, you can capture a single image to document the content of a carton.

Technical properties of the LCAM 308

FeatureLCAM 308
Dimensions housing114 x 85 x 35 mm (L x W x D)
Field of viewHorizontal opening angle: 62.2° / vertical opening angle: 48.8°
Operating temperature range–30 °C – +50 °C (with integrated heating)
Storage capacity/mediumMicro SD card with 8 GB image memory (for approx. 10,000 events)
Resolution1 megapixel color (max. 24 FPS)
Recording activation and deactivation24 V input / UDP protocol / webConfig
Image transferLive stream with MJPEG in HD resolution; video recording with MP4 also in full HD
InterfaceEthernet TCP/IP; UDP
Degree of protectionIP 65
Supply voltageIndustry standard: 18–28 VDC

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LCAM 308 IP camera

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