Vision system with built-in AI for automated inspections

Cognex In-Sight 3800 vision system is the fastest machine vision product in the world with built-in AI. Take advantage of its powerful edge learning technology and imaging to significantly expand your ability to automate high-speed production lines, spot defects, and tackle previously unsolvable problems.

Solve all vision needs with all-in-one vision system

High speed, high resolution, high flexibility. The In-Sight 3800 from Cognex is an advanced vision system that has it all. It provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use, solution for automated inspections. It is embedded with a full set of robust rule-based tools and innovative edge learning technology. In this way it enables you to solve a wide range of manufacturing applications, from assembly verification and defect detection to character reading and more.

It also enables you to:

Maximize throughput with high-speed processing and quick setup

Generate high-contrast, high-resolution images that detect even the most subtle defects

Solve jobs, from easy to complex, using a common software platform

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Accommodate the fastest production line speeds

Vision system In-Sight 3800 Cognex; fast

Lead with speed. The In-Sight 3800 is four times faster than Cognex In-Sight 2800 and has more than triple resolution. With twice the processing power of previous vision systems, it offers ultimate performance for any manufacturing application.

Fast tool speeds keep pace with your operations, enabling you to increase throughput and get the most out of your automated solution.

Automate in minutes with edge learning technology

In-Sight 3800 boasts innovative edge learning tools that bring the power of AI to everyone. These tools allow both beginners and experts to deploy reliable automation through simple, example-based training.

Using pre-trained algorithms, edge learning solves a variety of classification and text reading applications, e.g., presence/absence detection, multi-class sortation, advanced optical character reading and more.

Vision system In-Sight 3800 Cognex; edge learning

Deploy vision system tools for more advanced jobs

Vision system In-Sight 3800 Cognex; rule-based tools

In addition to edge learning tools, In-Sight 3800 vision system offers a comprehensive set of rule-based tools. These tools can be used individually or combined, enabling you to leverage the best of traditional, rule-based vision and AI technology.

The rule-based tool set allows you to count pixels and patterns, guide robots, measure distance and blobs, read codes, perform math and logic, and more.

Increase accuracy with powerful image formation

Capture high-resolution images of any product in any environment. Thanks to multi-color lighting (RGBW and IR), images are taken in a way that maximizes contrast and illumination, regardless of object’s colors, complexity or operating conditions.

With a click on a button in In-Sight Vision Suite you can simply change the light color and generate high-resolution images for more accurate inspections.

In-Sight 3800 powerful image formation

Push the boundaries of HDR with vision system

High-dynamic range plus (HDR+)

The capabilities of high-dynamic range (HDR) are extended by the high-dynamic range plus technology (HDR+) that automatically enhances contrast. This creates a more uniformed and more detailed image in a single acquisition, and allows you to see features that were not visible before.

HDR+ also reduces exposure times, which enables you to accommodate faster production line speeds.

Leverage flexible development options

In-Sight 3800 uses the In-Sight Vision Suite software, which is common across all In-Sight products. It offers two development environments –EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet.

In-Sight’s intuitive EasyBuilder guides you through the application development process with point-and-click interface. It is ideal for building simple or common jobs and enables rapid turnaround from proof of concept to deployment.

Meanwhile, the robust Spreadsheet interface is well-suited for building complex or highly customized applications.

In-Sight 3800; In-Sight Vision Suite software

Use scalable hardware for evolving needs

In-Sight 3800 modular hardware

Handle variation with ease. The In-Sight 3800 vision system offers both software flexibility and modular hardware. You can easily modify the solution to address various application settings and custom requirements due to field-changeable components. In this way you can adapt to changing demands, including part changeovers, higher quality standards, and faster fulfillment.

Address a range of applications – from simple to complex

In-Sight 3800 helps you automate a wide range of inspection applications, at the fastest speeds. With modular hardware and an extensive tool set, this vision system offers an industry-agnostic solution that allows you to maximize throughput and improve the accuracy of your results, regardless of the task at hand.

You will benefit from it across different industries:

  • EV Battery Pouch Inspection: Identify surface-level defects, such as scratches, dents and tears, and generate pass/fail results.
  • Connecting Rod Identification: Decipher hard-to-read text etched on metallic surfaces to ensure proper routing and traceability.
  • Gasket Quality Check: Determine whether parts are good or bad based on presence/absence of defects.
  • O-Ring Detection and Classification: Verify presence/absence of o-rings and classify them by color during assembly.
  • Detergent Bottle Label Reading: Easily handle product changeovers by deciphering lot codes against backgrounds of different colors.
  • Makeup Palette Inspection: Detect presence/absence of contents and classify them by color to ensure proper assembly.
  • Robotic Guidance for Pick and Place: Guide robotic arms to pick and place assembled products into bins for final routing.
  • Soap Box Scent Classification: Identify different classes (scents) to ensure the correct one is attached to the packaging.
  • Cable Pin Count: Count components to verify completeness and ensure proper functionality at time of use.
  • Smartphone Assembly Inspection: Detect presence/absence of components, based on varying brightness levels, during assembly.
  • Barcode Reading on Bottles: Read barcodes, even on curved surfaces, to ensure proper traceability.
  • Lot Code and Expiration Date Reading: Read lot codes and expiration dates, on uneven surfaces, to ensure product freshness and prevent recalls.
  • Juice Box Inspection: Detect and classify multiple defects, such as damaged or missing parts, on packaging.
  • Package Traceability: Read multiple lines of text, simultaneously, to ensure proper routing.
  • Medical Device Code Reading and Text Recognition: Read 2D codes and lot numbers, at the same time, to properly route components for final assembly.
  • Vaccine Label Inspection: Perform on-line verification at high speeds to ensure product efficacy and meet regulatory compliance.
Cognex In-Sight key use applications

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In-Sight 3800 Cognex

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