Modular white light In-Sight 2800 Deep Learning vision system series

Cognex, the leader in industrial machine vision, has released the In-Sight 2800 Deep Learning vision system series. It puts the power of a full-featured vision system into an easy-to-use package that gets applications running in minutes.

Apply Deep Learning

Deep Learning is very simple to apply to a production line. With use of EasyBuilder interface – no PC or programming is needed, modular industrial machine vision can be trained with just a few images to automate everything from:

  • simple pass/fail inspections to advanced classification,
  • categorization and sorting.

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Use EasyBuilder for complex applications

Cognex EasyBuilder image configuration software

In-Sight’s EasyBuilder guides you through the application development process with point-and-click interface that simplifies even complex application development.

This enables rapid turnaround from proof of concept to deployment.

Your benefits at-a-glance

Designed for factory automation series enables manufacturers of all size to:

Catch small, subtle defects with optimized error detection.

Leverage existing workforce and keep your lines running smooth and fast.

EasyBuilder features image optimization and simple intuitive identification of correct combinations in a few button clicks.

In-Sight 2800 – Modular Deep Learning vision system

Enhance recognition with lighting

Different lightning examples

Be one step ahead of your competition with powerful and flexible integrated lighting.

Capture images of resolutions up to 1440×1080 px of any product in any environment. Thanks to multi-color lighting (red, green, blue and white),  images are taken in a way that maximizes contrast and illumination, regardless of object’s colours, complexity or operating conditions.

On the image you can see an actual part on the left, red lightning in center – unclear numbers, and blue lightning on the right – clear numbers.

Check out modularity and specifications

Modular industrial machine vision system offers a variety of scalable components for current and future needs.

With field-changeable components, the machine vision system can be modified to address various application settings and custom requirements. This allows you to quickly adapt to new parts and keep up with changing demands.

In-Sight 2800 – Modular Deep Learning vision system

Provide ultimate flexibility

Cognex IS2800 key use applications

Go beyond pass and fail inspection with classification outputs and regions of interest. The powerful ViDi EL Classifier tool identifies and sorts parts based on multiple features or characteristics, enabling you to classify defects into different categories and correctly identify parts with variation. Along with the ability to assign multiple classifications, you can set up multiple regions of interest to inspect different sections of your image.

Some examples of applications are: seal checking, presence scooping, PCB components checking, label deflects, connector insertion checking and simple quality assurance.

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