Adaptive Vision Studio

With Adaptive Vision Studio 5.1, Adaptive Vision is upgrading its efficient and flexible software for machine vision engineers with interesting innovations and features. Create typical machine vision applications or develop large-scale projects tailored to your requirements without any prior programming skills!

Create demanding vision systems easily 

AV Studio from Adaptive Vision is an efficient  data-flow based software, which includes an extensive set of powerful image analysis tools. Although it requires no programming skills, it is used in many of the most demanding vision systems.

Its architecture is highly flexible, ensuring that you can easily adapt the product to the way you work and to specific requirements of any project.

Learn more about the outstanding features of the AV Studio + Library and AV Deep Learning

Adaptive Vision Studio 5.1

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Achieve a higher standard in machine vision

Adaptive Vision Studio 5.1 is an upgraded version from Adaptive Vision.

The latest version is packed with exciting features, including Deep Learning OCR, automatic model training, EtherNet/IP protocol support as well as program breakpoints, this version defines a higher standard for machine vision software.

Tackle challenging OCR projects

Adaptive Vision Deep Learning OCR is the ultimate answer to the challenging character recognition projects, where complex non-uniform backgrounds, blurred characters or reflective metal surfaces render traditional OCR techniques unreliable.

The tool has been pre-trained with thousands of different images and is able to achieve a stunning ~98% accuracy straight out of the box, even with extremely challenging cases.

Adaptive Vision Deep Learning OCR

Save time with Automatic Training & Model History

Adaptive Vision 5.1 Automatic Training

Most deep learning projects require training multiple models, which take a lot of time and effort. This is where the AV Automatic Training & Model History truly excel.

Automatic Training enables you to quickly specify different sets of training parameters, train all models automatically and generate a detailed report for each model.

Model History allows you to quickly browse and manage all the previously trained models, switch between them as well as obtain a detailed comparison.

Other changes in AV Studio 5.1

Support for EthernetIP protocol through I/O cards from Hilscher.

With program breakpoints you can now set segments of your application, upon reaching which the execution will pause. This may be very useful when debugging large programs. You can use the F9 shortcut—just like in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Edge-based Template Matching has been significantly improved by adding dynamically computed pyramid levels within a model. This results in much faster model creation and far smaller memory consumption by the model.

Re-implemented version of the ProfileBox HMI control, supporting up to 8 charts and capable of displaying profiles, numerical arrays, geometrical primitives, as well as horizontal lines denoting limits or reference levels.

Adaptive Vision Studio for OpenCV: a completely free, new edition of Adaptive Vision Studio aimed at hobbyists and students, which wraps OpenCV library functions inside the user-friendly Adaptive Vision block-based interface. Have fun!

Highly improved 3D previews, new formula functions.

For the complete list of changes, please see the AV 5.1 Release Notes.

Adaptive Vision Studio Model History

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Adaptive Vision Studio

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