An upgraded Bin Picking Studio for automated bin picking

Bin Picking Studio 1.6.0, an upgraded ultimate robotic intelligence tool, is available from Photoneo. It brings you more possibilities to enhance your projects and increase your convenience. Benefit from smarter, easier, and yet more sophisticated automated bin picking.

Automate bin picking effectively

Bin Picking Studio (BPS) is a combination of powerful 3D vision hardware represented by Photoneo’s PhoXi scanners & intelligent software for setup of picking. Photoneo has released BPS 1.6.0 – a significant upgrade to their top robotic intelligence tool for bin picking applications. This version of the “All in one” picking solution introduces a wide range of new features and enhancements to improve your bin picking experience.

BPS is now running smoother and faster on Ubuntu 18.04 and on the latest version of Google Chrome and TeamViewer. The start-up time of a standard picking solution is below 10 seconds and the stop time takes only one second. This makes the change of the deployed solution from a robot controller several times faster than in previous versions of BPS.

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Benefit from top functionalities

Bin Picking Studio Photoneo

With more possibilities to enhance your projects and increase your convenience, this most versatile robotic intelligence software enables you smarter, easier and more sophisticated bin picking through the following features:

BPS now enables you to pick up to 4 different objects and use up to 4 scanners within one bin picking scenario.

BPS now enables the definition of a specific grasping method for each vision system. This allows you the use of the most suitable picking strategy, which might be needed in case of differences in the shape of picked objects, bin position, or other factors.

Automate your calibration process. After starting the calibration procedure in the BPS, the robot is able to call the “Add calibration point” request. All you need to do is write a simple robotic program, wait for the calibration to finish, and then just verify and save the results in BPS. The robot module for each brand comes with an exemplar calibration program.

The Deployment page of BPS now offers the monitoring of basic bin picking statistics. You can observe the cycle time based on incoming trajectory requests or scan requests as well as the average cycle time.

Bin picking solutions are now deployable in the Simulation mode. Call basic bin picking requests directly from the deployment page to provide a simple and fast evaluation and tuning of the bin picking performance, without connection with a real robot.

Manage your bin picking remotely through a web browser using a local network. You can also use the system without a connected monitor through a web browser and VNC from another computer via local network or TeamViewer. Network settings management is improved, which prevents conflicting settings between the BPS and the host system.

Bin Picking Studio 1.6.0 comes with the latest PhoXiControl software for PhoXi 3D Scanners.

Take advantage of improvements and changes

Photoneo has made the following tweaks to improve your experience:

  • Option to duplicate an existing vision system
  • Ability to visualize the gripper’s volumetric model in the Inspector
  • Visualization of the localization bounding box on the Deployment page
  • Visualization of colliding parts of the robot and environment in the Inspector
  • Duplication of an existing environment object and replacement of the STL of an existing environment object
  • The Picked object page now uses the same layout as the Gripper page
  • Reworked and improved vision system page layout
  • New Help panel layout
  • The Robot interface and Robot controller tabs on the Network page have been joined into a single Robot tab

Complete solution for your bin picking projects

Bin Picking Studio complete solutions

In robotic manufacturing lines BPS is capable of processing objects from a variety of materials and of processing material randomly distributed in unorganized bins and feed it into the manufacturing production line.

All of this is made possible by an accurate 3D vision system capable of detecting various types of objects, and a robotic intelligence system, capable of guiding robots to safely extract objects. Thanks to the versatile flexibility of the 3D scanner and the possibility of integration with various robots, a wide range of custom solutions can be created.

Photoneo’s Bin Picking excels in:

PhoXi 3D Scanner family with a wide variety of scanning volumes and track record of being used in the harshest industrial environments.

CAD-based approach tested and approved by automotive customers with high demands for robustness and accuracy.

Unique robot control with a rapid calculation of movement trajectories, whilst maintaining the highest safety standards.

Database of hundreds of robotic models from leading robotic manufacturers.

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Bin Picking Studio

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