Studio for OpenCV from Adaptive Vision

Studio for OpenCV from Adaptive Vision provides you with a comfortable environment to experiment with the OpenCV tools—no code needed! Create your applications quickly, easily and efficiently with graphical programming without any prior programming skills!

Create & prototype applications faster

Adaptive Vision presents its free powerful graphical programming environment, Studio for OpenCV. You can take advantage of this innovative IDE to quickly and efficiently develop applications with the free OpenCV library – in industry, schools and colleges, as well as at home.

Studio for OpenCV uses the graphical programming environment of Adaptive Vision Studio, but the library of tools is replaced with the functions from the free OpenCV library.

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Build things easier in a visual way

AV Studio for openCV

Studio for OpenCV provides you with a comfortable environment to experiment with the OpenCV tools without code! Just insert the block into the program, pull the views data, and set the parameters in the properties panel. You can inspect results visualised on multiple configurable data previews. When a parameter in the program is changed, you can see the previews updated in real time.

Even the experienced programmers can create & prototype OpenCV based applications much faster than with textual programming.

You can easily create custom graphical user interfaces using the in-built HMI Designer, whereas loops, conditions formulas and subprograms (macrofilters) allow you to build advanced programs easily.

Efficient learning

Studio for OpenCV comes with a number of short off-line program examples, aimed at helping you learn the capabilites of the OpenCV library in a fun & easy way. Discover, what you can achieve using the OpenCV library while mastering the visual environment of a profesional, market-leading machine vision software at the same time!

You can easily open and expand your projects created in Studio for OpenCV in the full version of the Adaptive Vision Studio. It offers you more than 1000 additionaly tested and optimized filters or functions for image data analysis. In addition, you have access to tools for communication with various protocols, standards, and manufacturers of machine vision cameras.

Adaptive Vision openCV application

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 Adaptive Vision openCV

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