Depalletizing with computer vision and AI

Photoneo’s Universal Depalletizer is a smart depalletizing system that enables effective unloading from a pallet to a predefined space or conveyor belt. It saves your time, reduces costs and protects workers’ health. In this way, employees have the opportunity to focus on tasks that require creativity and critical thinking.

Improve your process with multiple technologies

A classic process of depalletizing (i.e., depalletization) is unloading the loaded object in the reverse pattern. But many factories and plants have automated their application with a palletizing robot solution.

Universal Depalletizer from Photoneo is a solution that combines 3D machine vision and advanced machine learning algorithms with smart robots. It unloads pallets full of various boxes that are not stacked in a pattern in a cost-efficient, safe, reliable, consistent, effective and fast way.

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Your benefits of smart depalletization over delayerization

The classic delayerization is a process in which the robot gripper picks the whole pallet and, hopefully, grabs all the boxes it contains. Such process requires more unloading space and is less reliable than depalletization.

Smart depalletization, however, uses the artificial intelligence for achieving a higher level of unloading pallets, minimizing the placement area to the size of the largest box. Thanks to a lighter payload you can use a smaller robot arm and gripper, which leads to considerable cost savings.

Photoneo Universal Depalletizer

Revolutionize your logistics with depalletizing

Photoneo Universal Depalletizer - depalletizing features

Photoneo’s depalletization solution will make your buisness:

Pick up more than 5000 types of boxes regardless of the pattern they are stacked in and regardless of the pallet type.

Effectively depalletize approximately 1000 boxes in one hour.

Robot doesn’t get tired and needs no human interaction. It works 24/7/365 and picks boxes of up to 50 kilograms.

Reduce your operational costs. All you need to worry about is to have enough boxes to pick up and the solution does the rest.

Thanks to:

Tested algorithms recognise and learn various shapes and sizes of more than 5000 types of boxes. The system also recognizes and learns any previously unseen boxes.

Photoneo’s engineers have developed an universal gripper for any type of boxes.

At the point of implementation the achieved pick rate is 99.7%. The remaining 0.3% of unknown types of boxes are diminished over time thanks to machine learning.

Provide recognition with 3D camera

The Photoneo’s MotionCam-3D is enhanced by a powerful GPU that can process as much as 15 million 3D dots/second. In this machine vision 3D camera, image processing and reconstruction of point clouds are performed.

The 3D camera is a key piece of Photoneo’s Universal Depalletizer. It provides recognition of boxes and takes care of greater efficiency and optimization of the depalletization process.

Discover the potential of AI

Artificial intelligence

AI-driven solutions are undoubtedly the way to the future. Smart systems relieve the integrator of difficult 3D-related calculations and the need to design, test or debug.

However, you need some basic mechanical knowledge on how to differ grippers for different task.

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Depalletizing with Photoneo Universal Depalletizer on UR robot

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