Thermal built-in printers for cost-effective printing

Thermal built-in printers from Hengstler are commonly used in kiosk systems, ticket machines, ATMs, in industry and the retail trade. They offer convenience in printing labels, receipts and bar codes quickly and cost effectively in a set location.

Bet on experience and tradition

Hengstler has been supplying the market with printers and cutters since 1965. Over time they have specialised in direct thermal built-in printers. Printer system solutions are a particular speciality of this company thanks to its special, many-faceted skills and experience in this field.

Hengstler’s thermal built-in printers are to be found in a vast number of applications across different industries. Their printable widths vary from 49 mm to 220 mm and paper weights from 55 g/m2 to 250 g/m2. These printers achieve print speeds of up to 350 mm/s and resolutions of 203 dpi or 300 dpi.

Printers can be customised in terms of their physical construction or functionally upon request. Their technical configuration is versatile and includes, e.g., various cutter options, adapted sensors for paper recognition, paper roll holders, and more.

Thermal built-in printers Hengstler

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Check out the printers Pros

Thermal built-in printers Hengstler
  • Low maintenance cost: in these printers there is no ribbon, ink or toner that need to be replaced to ensure continued use. The media alone is the only supply required to keep the printer running.
  • Quality results with high printing speeds: expect smudge-free results that tend to be highly legible, long lasting, and take milliseconds to print.
  • Few moving parts: since these printers have few moving parts, less things break, and they are easy to maintain. Thermal printer’s printheads have an average service life of 10 years.

Choose from great variety of thermal built-in printers

Hengstler offers several thermal built-in printers: C-56, eXtendo X family of printers with X-56, X-80 and X-56 XF models and XPM family of printers with XPM-200 and XPM-80 models. They differ from each other in paper widths, paper weights, resolutions, and print speeds (see the table).

Printer eXtendo X-56 XF is fast, ultra robust and reliable kiosk printer.

  • particularly simplified access to the machine’s paper tray, making paper roll changes even quicker,
  • reduced number of paper roll holder variants (from 8 to 1),
  • Zebra KRx03 mount compatibility,
  • eezeetags® bagtag compatibility.
Thermal built-in printers Hengstler

Use thermal printers even in harsh environments

Thermal built-in printers application

Hengstler’s thermal build-in printers are renowned for their robustness and ability to operate in environments where there are wide variations in temperature (from -30 °C to +70 °C) and humidity. Further benefits include compact design, accurate cutting, and an extensive feature set. The need to print and cut thick paper, handle large paper rolls and detect jams are among additional capabilities ensuring the ongoing popularity of these advanced printers.

As a result, these kiosk printers are suitable for use in different climatic zones as well as in harsh environments. At speeds of up to 350 mm/s, thermal build-in printers are highly suitable for use in payment systems, parking ticket machines, reverse vending machines (RVMs) and ticket vending machines, in industry and the retail trade.

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Thermal built-in printers Hengstler

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