Industrial Slip Rings from Moog

Industrial slip rings and fiber optic rotary joints and fluid rotary unions from Moog ensure you transmission of electricity, electrical and data signals and liquids from the stationary to the rotating part of your devices.

 Control velocity, force, acceleration and fluid flow precisely

Moog has been creating innovative solutions in the field of motor drive technology since 1951. Their advanced motion control products are designed and manufactured for aerospace, defense, industrial and medical applications – applications where precise control of velocity, force, acceleration and fluid flow are critical.

Moog’s slip rings allow transmission of electricity, electrical and data signals and liquids from a stationary to a rotating part of your devices. Their  motion control portfolio includes also fiber optic rotary joints, fluid rotary joints, different motors & servo motors, and other products from the precision motion control field.

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Proven high quality Slip Rings

Moog Slip rings

A slip ring (rotary electrical joint, collector or electric swivel) can be used in any electromechanical system that requires rotation while transmitting power and/or data. You can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation and eliminate damage-prone wires dangling from movable joints.

You can use it in industrial automation, security control systems, medical equipment, radar systems, wind power systems, remote-controlled vehicles and ships. Slip rings are defined by the number of channels (2–128) and their purpose (current/voltage/electrical or data signal). Hollow slip rings (or bore slip rings) have a central hole designed to allow the passage of the shaft.

Wide range of Slip Rings for different applications

Slip rings for higher rotational speeds

Moog high speed slip ring

Maximum rotation speed of standard slip rings is up to 250 rpm. For a higher rotation speed, special high speed slip rings with fiber brush long-life contacts are available, with operation up to 10,000 rpm without the need for cooling equipment.

Slip rings with larger diameter for larger currents

Moog large diameter slip ring

The diameter of large diameter slip ring exceeds 1.7 m. It can be used in various applications, where you can transfer larger currents (up to 300 A) at higher voltages (up to 1000 V) and at rotation speeds up to 300 rpm.

Slip rings for data and video transmission

Moog Ethernet Slip ring

Ethernet and HD slip rings allow Ethernet communication through a rotating interface. A wide range of solutions are offered with combinations of data and power in multiple configurations to meet your needs.

Fiber Optic Rotary Joints for large amounts of data

Moog Slip rings

If you want to transmit optical signals from the stator to the rotor, especially when transmitting large amounts of data, the most suitable choice are Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs). They maintain the intrinsic advantages of fiber end to end.

FORJs exist in single- or multi-channel versions. They can be incorporated into the existing models of sliding rings.

Pass optical signals across rotating interfaces with FORJ

The single or Multi-Channel FORJs are the most cost and size efficient options. They are passive and bidirectional, with a robust design, made of stainless steel or anodized aluminum, with a long service life. If you need a larger number of fibers, multi-channel optic rotary joints are available in various designs.

Hybrid FORJ combines an electrical slip ring with an fiber optic rotary joint. It transmits electrical, power, and optical signals to the rotating structure through a single rotary joint. Fiber optics signal transmission has a large bandwidth, immunity to EMI and high transmission reliability.

Industrial Fluid Rotary Unions for reliable fluid transfer

Moog fluid rotary union

Moog’s fluid rotary unions are used to ensure reliable fluid transmission and control. Robust unions feature seals that are selected based on chemical compatibility, design pressure, design temperature, required service life and acceptable leakage rate. Fluid rotary unions can be combined with electrical slip rings and FORJs.

A fluid rotary union for the fluid transfer (glycols) on the photo features 2 channels for the supply and return line at speeds up to 120 rpm. The medium temperature can be from -40 °C to +75 °C.

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