LED Workplace Luminaires from Sangel

LED Workplace Luminaires from Sangel provide high-quality light for clear vision at your workplace. They meet high requirements: colour fidelity, protection classes, voltage, and coverage.

Choose the perfect solution for to your needs

LED Workplace luminaires for workplace ilumination in industry are part of the offer from Sangel, the German manufacturer of LED industrial luminaires, cable assemblies and installation modules. If you want to ensure optimal working conditions in your company, benefit from the top-quality Sangel LED lights from the Workplace series.

With LED Workplace luminaires you will ensure the proper lighting of the room and improve your employee well-being and their efficiency at the same time.

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Top quality and design

LED Workplace luminaires Sangel

Sangel is using only the highest-quality materials in the design of the housing. With a thoughtful construction of the housing, the engineers managed to ensure high energy efficiency while maintaining an extremely attractive design.

We offer 7 different luminaire lengths, from 850 mm to 3050 mm. Flexible connection is achieved with a M12 connectors.

LED Workplace luminaires for greater work efficiency

LED luminaire has a diffuse light cover which prevents multiple shadows and provides fatigue-free working of your employees. Optimal working light is achieved with a light colour of 5700 K, making it ideal for environments where precise color separation is required at work.

LED workplace luminaires are manufactured of high-quality anodized aluminium profiles and come with an ESD-protection on board.

Thanks to good heat management inside the luminaire, the durability of these luminaires is at least 60,000 hours.

LED Workplace luminaires Sangel

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