Support Arm Systems and Control Panels by Teknokol

Protect your industrial computers and HMIs from a harsh environment and unauthorized access, using Support arm systems, Operator control panels, HMI enclosures, Kiosk & Stand systems and cabinets of a world-renowned manufacturer Teknokol.

Use support arms and panels for versatile assembly

Teknokol is a world-renowned leader relentlessly devoted in the research, development, and manufacture of series of innovative and quality Support Arm Systems and Operator Control Panels.

Their products have the highest level of quality and are modernly and ergonomically designed and manufactured, which allows the highest safety standards and ease of use of their equipment.

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Choose the perfect solution

Support Arm Systems and Control Panels by Teknokol

In addition, their modular structure and the wide range of modular components allow you to assemble a variety of configurations that you can easily adapt to the needs of your application.

Where support arm and panel systems cannot be used, Coupling Towers or Kiosk & Stand Systems are the best choices for the installation of industrial electronic equipment.

Benefit from modular design

The Support Arm Systems are suitable for light or heavy loads and for lever length up to 3 meters. Modular assembled solutions are compatible with all systems – with a wide range of fixed or rotating joints you can assemble a configuration tailored to your needs.

Ergonomic design and high-quality manufacturing ensure comfortable use, reliability and long product life. With the VESA connection module, you can mount your industrial panel computers on a Support Arm. All Axiomtek Panel Computers are suitable for mounting on Teknokol equipment.

Support Arm Systems and Control Panels by Teknokol

Carry light or heavy loads

  • Designed for heavier loads,
  • Ideal for long-term applications,
  • modular structure and modern design,
  • different configurations using a wide range of modular components,
  • load capacity up to 120 kg for 1 m of profile length,
  • up to 1800 N static load,
  • IP65 protection guaranteed,
  • installation of cables inside profiles,
  • easy assembly.

Allow workers to operate machines with ease

Control Panel Systems are an essential component of machines or automated production lines. The ergonomic Control Panel allow you to operate with the machine more easily and increasing your safety at work.

The Panel system cabinets with IP65 waterproof protection protects the electronic components in harsh environments. The key lock system prevents unauthorized access.

  • Ergonomic and modular design,
  • Expandable panel depth,
  • Lightweight and strong structure,
  • IP65 protection,
  • prevents unauthorized access,
  • Keyboard mount option: Moving keyboard, which can be adjusted quickly, or fixed one, which can be mounted at an ergonomic angle.
Support Arm Systems and Control Panels by Teknokol

Hide the cables inside coupling towers

Support Arm Systems and Control Panels by Teknokol

Use Coupling Towers where the Support Arm System cannot be installed. Towers are  2-3 m high with 150×150 or 200×200 mm profiles in which you can hide the cables inside. You can ensure a tidy and safe working environment or mount a monitor and fixed or movable keyboard.

These elements are modular and allow you to customize the configuration to your needs. Enclosures protect electronic components from tempering and from contamination in a harsh environment. They are easy to maintain and at the same time give you quick access to the arranged components of the control devices.

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Support Arm Systems and Control Panels by Teknokol

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