Support Arms and Control Panels

Support Arms and Operator Control Panels by Teknokol are now available at Tipteh.

Use support arms and operate your systems easily

Support Arm Systems and Operator Control Panels by Teknokol are now available at Tipteh. The new product line is distinguished by high quality, modern and ergonomic design. These properties ensure high safety and ease of use.

Each system is built from modular components, allowing a specific system configuration for any application. All Axiomtek panel computers are compatible with the Teknokol equipment.

Support Arm Systems and Control Panels Teknokol

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Choose between versatile mounting options

Support Arm Systems are suitable for every kind of loads and lever lengths. With a wide range of fixed or rotating joints, you can easily adapt configuration to the needs of your application.

Modular solutions are compatible with all systems and are user-friendly due to ergonomic design and reliable due to high quality products.

  • Designed also for heavier loads,
  • ideal for long lever applications,
  • modular structure and modern design,
  • a wide range of modular components allows different configurations,
  • load capacity up to 120kg for 1m profile length,
  • IP65 protection guaranteed,
  • cable installation inside the profiles,
  • simple assembly,
  • standard VESA mount for easy installation of industrial panel computers.

Allow easy operation of machines

Control panels are an integral part of the machines and production automated lines, which is most commonly the interface between man and machine. Ergonomic Panel systems make it easier for operators to operate and thus provide maximum safety at work.

With IP65 waterproof protection, the cabinet protects the control electronics from external influences and unauthorized interference.

  • ergonomic and modular design,
  • expandable panel depth,
  • light and strong structure,
  • IP65 protection and protection against tampering.
  • In addition to the control panel, a keyboard mount is also an option.
  • A mounted keyboard can be movable and quickly adjusted according to the user’s posture, or fixed, which are mounted at an ergonomic angle.

Use coupling towers

Coupling Tower Teknokol

A Coupling Towers is a solution for enclosures where a Support arm cannot be used. The towers are available from 2 to 3 m in height with a cross-section profile of 150x150mm or 200x200mm. You can hide the cables inside the profile, thus ensuring a tidy and safe environment.

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Support Arm Systems and Control Panels Teknokol

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