Hygienic sensors and cables

Washdown sensors Turck and ESCHA cables work flawlessly even in environments with the highest hygiene standards. With the optimal combination of the inductive and capacitive sensors and F&B cables with ESCHA connectors, you ensure the smooth running of your production process in the food as well as pharmaceutical industries.

Detect valves’ condition with hygienic inductive sensors

Turck’s inductive sensors for Food Industry are designed to detect the opening/closing of valves, tank doors and the installation of pipes on switchboards.

The sensors are available in different dimensions (diameters M8, M12, M18 and M30), with a standard process connection G1/2″ male thread. Because they are made of stainless steel, 1.4404 or AISI 316L, they have a high resistance to all common acid and alkaline cleaning- and disinfectant agents.

Hygienic inductive sensors Turck

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Ensure protection against elements

Hygienic inductive sensors in application

A special double-lip seal ensures water resistance of the connector and a high protection class IP69K, for harsh environments.

The front cap of the sensor is made of liquid crystal polymer. The laser engraved label remains permanently legible.

Hygienic sensors detect all metals at the same distance (factor 1). They are resistant to magnetic fields and work flawlessly at temperatures from -40 °C to +100 °C.

They are 10-30 VDC, 3-wire sensors with the N.O. (normally open), PNP output.

Detect the level with hygienic capacitive sensor

Use Turck’s hygienic capacitive level sensor NCLS 30 for media-contacting detection of limit levels in tanks and pipelines in environments with the highest hygiene standards.

It will also help protect your pumps against dry running, i.e., from operating without any medium. The sensor detects a wide variety of media, from liquids, viscous materials, granular materials to powders.

Hygienic capacitive sensors Turck

Main features of the hygienic capacitive level sensor

Hygienic capacitive sensors in application

It has a hygienic PEEK tip, resistant to washing and sterilization and is in the process of obtaining EHEDG certification.

Simply connect it to your controller via an industrial M12 4-pin connector device. A LED ring status indication allows you to monitor the status of the sensor from all sides. Even the condition of the highly positioned sensors is clearly visible.

It is 12-32 VDC, with <1 W power consumption

The two digital outputs on the sensor are separately adjustable as NO/NC (normally open or closed contact). The outputs can be PNP, NPN or push-pull. You can parameterize it via the IO-Link interface, through which you can also monitor process values.

The process connection G1/2″ male thread, together with Turck adapters, is hygienic. The sensor can be used at medium temperatures of 0–100 °C.

It is made of stainless steel, 1.4404 or AISI 316L, most commonly used in the food industry. The protection level is IP67/IP69K.

Cables with ESCHA connectors for hygiene applications

Connect Turck hygiene sensors with ESCHA hygiene cables. From the wide range of Escha cables, select the most suitable cables with connectors for different parts of your production process or production line to meet different hygiene requirements.

You can choose between hygienic cables with connectors for three production zones: for the product contact zone, the spray zone and the packaging zone.

Hygienic cables Escha

Hygienic cables for the product contact zone

Hygienic cables for the product contact zone

In this zone, food may come into contact with system parts and afterwards be returned to the handling process, the hygiene and security demands are the highest. Parts of the equipment that come into contact with food should be capable of being easily dismantled (unless clean-in-place systems are being considered), thoroughly cleaned and, if necessary, sterilized.

In this zone, take advantage of a product range in ‘Hygienic Design’, referring to EHEDG directives. FDA-compliant materials and a high-quality TPE cables with connectors guarantee a high resistance to sour and alkaline cleaning- and disinfectant agents.

Hygienic cables for the spray zone

In the spray (also wash-down) zone food may enter into contact with system parts, but will not be returned to the handling process. Thus, the hygiene requirements towards connectors and cables are correspondingly lower in this area.

Take advantage of easy to clean connectivity with cost-effective PVC-cables for this zone. Upon request, you can get M12-connectors with plastic locking nut.

Hygienic cables for the spray zone

Cables for the packaging zone

 Cables for the packaging zone

The packaging zone is comparable with the classic industrial area, where food cannot come into contact with system parts. Aggressive cleaning agents and steam-jet cleaning are not required.

For this zone, the proven ESCHA sensor/actuator product range is suitable.

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Hygienic cables with ESCHA connectors

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