Smallest interlock in the world

The AZM40 is the smallest electronic solenoid interlock in the world. Besides its extremely small housing it is distinguished by the 180° angle flexibility of the actuator. This makes it especially suitable for small safety doors and flaps. Despite its compact size, the AZM40 has an amazing interlocking force and a coding level of “high”.

Interlock AZM40, small but extremely strong

Schmersal added the AZM40 interlock to its family of electronic safety switches. It is distinguished by a small housing, adapted for fitting to standard 40 mm aluminum profiles without projecting.  This makes it suitable for small safety doors and flaps.

Thanks to the 180° angle flexibility of the actuator, the AZM40 is also suitable for flaps which do not close at 90° or those that open upwards to a 45° angle. This means the angle flexibility helps the interlock easily fit into compact spaces and those which are difficult to access. Special versions with individual coding ensure a coding level of “high” according to the requirements of DIN ISO 14119.

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Features of interlock AZM40

AZM40 interlock Schmersal the smallest in the world
  • Extreme compactness of the interlock (W x H x D: 40mm x 119.5 mm x 20 mm),
  • Bistable holding principle,
  • Strong holding force Fzh = 2.000 N,
  • Latching force of unlocked door approx. 40 N,
  • Individually encoded versions with  coding level “High” in accordance with ISO 14119,
  • Suitable for applications to Cat. 4 / PL e / SIL 3,
  • IP67 level of protection against dust and water,
  • Optimized for mounting to 40 mm aluminum profile,
  • Symmetrical mounting, mountable on both sides,
  • Actuator can approach interlock continuosly within a 180 ° angle,
  • One version for rotating and sliding doors,
  • LEDs visible from three sides.

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Schmersal AZM40, the smallest interlock in the world

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