Implement a collaborative robot quickly and easily

Turn an industrial robot into a collaborative with the AIRSKIN safety touch sensor.

Implement collaborative robot quickly and easily

The collaborative robot is now available to companies of all sizes. With the AIRSKIN safety touch sensor, you can now turn an industrial robot into a collaborative robot or upgrade collaborative robot’s security.

The best feature of AIRSKIN, however, is that you can integrate safety features with the help of modular pads cost-effectively, quickly and easily on an existing robot.

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Use them in any application

You can use safety touch sensors in the following applications:

  • Industrial and cooperating robots,
  • Machines with linear motion,
  • Robotic grippers and tools:
    • Vacuum clamps for pallets / packages,
    • 3D cameras,
    • Larger tools
    • Workpiece housing,
  • AGV – Automated Guided Vehicles,
  • Other equipment in automation,

Teach each robot to act as a collaborative robot

The AIRSKIN safety sensor, a soft and pressure-sensitive touch sensor, is the basic building block, ranging in size from 100×200 to 400×200 mm. The collaborative robot is then clothed with the “skin” of safety touch sensors. In this way, we can dress any robot, robot tool, or part of a machine.

“Skin” is a soft and pressure sensitive touch sensor, consisting of pads (pad), which can be of different thicknesses for passive protection depending on the characteristics of the application. Provides security solutions outside the scope of power or access limitation solutions.

Collaborative robot, affordable with Airskin touch sensor

Stop the device with a touch

The AIRSKIN air modular pad has a sensor and a small piezo-electric pump that maintains a certain air overpressure in the pad. Up to 15 pads attached to the robot via a support layer it is interconnected in series and is connected via two OSSD safety outputs directly to the safety inputs of the safety controller.

The safety function is ensured by continuous diagnostics of the air modular pads. It allows a quick safe stop when touched and at the same time dampens the mechanical force on the way to stop the device.

Say hello to the features

PLe / Cat3 ISO 13849-1 certified – AIRSKIN safety sensor with unique solution is patented and CE marked and 13849 PLe / Cat3 safety certified by TÜV Austria and TÜV Rheinland for USA and Canada.

Direct connection to the security controller, no need for additional software or settings

Connect several safety sensors in series

Easy and fast installation thanks to magnetic brackets.

9 ms reaction time

AIRSKIN safety touch sensor for collaborative robot

Add collaborative robot to every application

  • Almost unlimited possibilities of use
  • The possibility of combining airbags in many ways
  • The robust, dirt-insensitive sensor ensures reliable operation in an industrial environment

Easy implementation of secure and faster collaborative applications

  • Safe area of ​​production
  • Faster production cycles
  • Safer movement
  • Easy to understand
  • High acceptability for employees

DIY security solution for robotic grippers and robotic tools (EoAT, or End of Arm Tooling).

Safe solutions for linear motion machines, cost-effective automation solutions, collaborative robot and other robotics

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