Safety Profinet I/O interface Schmersal SFB

The Profinet I/O safety interface from the leading manufacturer of machine safety equipment Schmersal will allow you to redundantly connect safety outputs from electronic or electromechanical safety devices.

Monitor the devices via PROFINET

The safety Profinet I/O interface (Safety fieldbox for PROFINET / PROFIsafe) from Schmersal will allow you to connect safety sensors, safety switches with or without lock, safety light curtains or emergency stop buttons and monitor their status via the Profinet bus (PROFIsafe protocol).

Up to 8 safety devices can be connected to the interface via M12 connectors. You can also monitor the status output signals of safety devices via the module. Ethernet / IP versions with CIP-Safety and EtherCAT / FsoE are also planned.

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Connect safety outputs with ease

Safety Profinet I/O interface Schmersal SFB

The module has an integrated two-channel Ethernet IRT switch with M8 connectors. Also, simply connect the power supply via the M8 connectors. Use three rotary coded switches to set the module address or use them to reset the module to factory settings.

There are also LED indicators, through which you can quickly understand the status of individual inputs, the activity of the Profinet network and the state of the supply voltage. The safety interface is also available with an IP67 level of protection against dust and water.

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