Adaptive Vision Studio and Library

Adaptive Vision Studio from Adaptive Vision is an EFFICIENT data-flow based software development environment designed for machine vision engineers. Although it does not require programming skills, it has been used in many of the most demanding vision systems. It includes an extensive set of powerful image analysis tools.

Create applications without any programming skills

The AV Studio software environment will allow you to quickly create typical machine vision applications without any prior programming skills. Due to its flexibility, the environment is also suitable for the development of large-scale and customer-tailored projects.

The intuitive user interface of the Adaptive Vision Studio environment is based on the interconnection of image processing functions, called “filters” in the program. These are presented as functional graphics blocks, which greatly simplifies programming. The engineer can thus focus only on developing the logic of the machine vision application, as he does not need to know the syntax of the programming language.

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Benefit from pre-developed filters

The Adaptive Vision Studio software environment includes more than 1000 thoroughly tested and optimized filters for image and data processing in machine vision applications, both 2D and 3D. Filters are available for image pre-processing, camera calibration, object localization, shape analysis, 1D and 2D measurement, bar and 2D code reading, OCR, histogram analysis, morphology, and more.

The filters are optimized to take full advantage of modern multi-core processors with SSE2 and AVX instructions and outperform competing solutions in terms of execution speed.

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Focus on the logic, not the programming

The Adaptive Vision Studio software environment also includes HMI Designer, which can be used to build advanced graphical user interfaces. The development of the entire machine vision application can thus be carried out in a single software environment.

The software environment is compliant with standards such as GigE Vision and GenICam. In addition, it supports many manufacturers’ own protocols or. APIs. Therefore, the program is compatible with most machine vision cameras on the market, including models from Basler, Photoneo, Allied Vision, Baumer, Dalsa, FLIR, Matrix Vision, Photon Focus and XIMEA.

Adaptive Vision Studio and Library

Quick drag & drop programming

Adaptive Vision Studio

Programming in the environment takes place according to the principle of the drag-and-drop ( drag & drop ). The user finds a suitable one in the filter library, inserts it in the program loop (1), sets the corresponding parameters (2) and connects it with other filters, or selects a preview of the filter result (3).

The development of the application is further simplified with the possibility of real-time visualization of the results, both image and numerical and other data. The user can observe in real time how changes in parameters affect the captured image or other measurements.

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Expand the program with your own code

The program can be further expanded by including new filters based on the user’s own C / C ++ program code or other program libraries. With the help of a well-described template, the integration of this type of code is quick and easy. It is also possible to successfully export programs created in the AV Studio software environment to C ++ or .NET code. In this way, machine vision algorithms can be included in applications written in C ++, C # or VB programming languages.

In addition to graphic programming, with the Adaptive Vision Library, powerful filters from the AV Studio software environment can be integrated into your own programs with clear and descriptive code .

Adaptive Vision Studio and Library

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