Safety laser scanner with PROFIsafe and PROFINET communication

The RSL 400 safety laser scanner from Leuze with PROFIsafe/PROFINET communication interface and innovative functions is characterized by its large scanning range and reliable operation, even under demanding environmental conditions. Combine superior performance, robustness and easy handling to perform the safety tasks that previously required two scanners!

Integrate quickly and easily

The RSL400safety laser scanner supports the PROFIsafe/PROFINET communication interface, allowing you quick and easy integration  into modern industrial environments. It provides parallel monitoring of 4 protective fields, 100 switchable field pairs and 10 independent safety configurations in real-time.

Due to these features, you will be able to develop a solution for even the most demanding applications. A model with distance measurement and transmission of this data to external devices and to the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) navigation system is also available.

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Monitor the largest possible range

Thanks to its high operating range of 8.25 m and a scanning angle of 270°, the RSL400 can safeguard ranges of up to 160 m2. These are the largest operating ranges in industry.

When you add the option of setting a warning range of up to 20 m, you get an extremely powerful device, suitable for even the most demanding applications.

The scanner uses the latest laser technology to achieve very high resolution. The entire transmitting/receiving system rotates creating an especially narrow and uniform laser spot over the entire scanning range. This provides the devices with a high angular resolution of 0.1°, making them very adept at filtering objects that are not safety-relevant, such as dust and particles in the air.

Customize the scanner for demanding applications

All of the features of the scanner will help you ensure a more robust operation, even in spaces where dust is present, while reliably detecting small objects over long distances.

The scanner offers maximum flexibility to adapt to the given application with up to 200 configurable fields that can be switched as pairs or sets of four fields. You will be able to switch between individual protective fields in real time without compromising the security functions of the device.

One scanner, 2 independent devices

Leuze RSL400 PROFIsafe safety laser scanner

The safety laser scanner can monitor up to 4 security fields at the same time. With its two parallel protective functions, the unit works like two devices in one, or alternatively to a warning field it can provide an additional, upstream protective field.

There is also a model available that measures the distance to the obstacle and the strength of the reflected signal and transmits this data to external devices and the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) navigation system. It sends data via the Ethenet interface and the UDP protocol.

Easily connect to any industrial network

The safety scanner with PROFIsafe/PROFINET communication interface and standardized communication simplifies integration in modern industrial networks. Integration is quick and reliable thanks to the use of standardized connection technology. The scanner boasts a detachable connection unit with an integrated 2-port PROFINET switch and a memory card. This will ensure network operation even when the scanner is replaced.

The switch supports “PROFINET Conformance Class C” and “Isochronous Real Time communication (IRT)” communication, which allows you to use the scanner in “ring” and “star” network topologies. The robustness of the switch is ensured by a standard industrial M12 or AIDA connector.

Leuze RSL400 PROFIsafe safety laser scanner

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Leuze RSL400 PROFIsafe safety laser scanner

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