INXPECT safety radar system

The LBK safety radar system is a volumetric safety device for advanced industrial automation and robotics systems based on radar technology. Detect the entrance and presence of operators in dangerous areas and stop machinery also in the presence of dust, debris, smoke and dirt!

Protect operators with the state-of-the-art solution

The LBK radar safety system is based on radar technology and consists of the LBK-S01 spatial radar sensors and the LBK control module. With their help, you will be able to easily develop innovative security solutions for demanding environments.

The LBK system is designed for use in harsh operating conditions and in dirty environments where laser security scanners and other optical security devices fail. Radar sensors are insensitive to dust, dirt, debris, smoke and even moderate amounts of water.

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Reach high security and connect up to 6 sensors

INXPECT radar security system

The LBK safety radar system consists of up to 6 LBK-S01 sensors that can be connected to the LBK-C22 control module. The system complies with Pld and SIL2 safety standards and complies with IEC 61508.

Radar sensor is resistant to dust, debris, smoke, dirt and moderate amounts of water. The radar sensor, unlike the laser safety scanner, covers the 3D area.

Exploit advanced features

  • You can set 2 safety zones for the sensor: a warning zone and a stop zone
  • Adjustable EDM and restart functions
  • Integrated MUTING function
  • Additional output for a warning zone, muting or standby mode
  • Mounting accessories included
INXPECT radar security system

Configure safety with ease

The Inxpect Safety Application allows you to set the size of the warning zone and danger zone. You can also change the sensitivity of the system. With the software package you can also set the MUTING function and determine the purpose of the warning outputs.

Take advantage of 2 zones

When the radar sensors detect a person in the warning (i.e., the “pre-alarm zone”), the active radar safety system will slow down the operation of the machine or robot and switch it to safe mode (“Safe mode”). However, when the sensors detect a person in the “danger zone”, the system will safely stop the operation of the automated device.

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INXPECT radar security system

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