Exceptional conditional monitoring

Condition monitoring is one of the most interesting aspects of Industry 4.0 for Turck. There are many software solutions on the market today in different clouds and with very diverse functionalities. However, there are not many optimal solutions on the market for meaningful and efficient collection of data from production and their transfer and presentation in the cloud (remotely or locally).

Implement a digital twin process

We present Turck’s solutions which collect important status data from the production area and sent them to the cloud. These solutions present a digital twin of production, which is the concept for efficient data collection from a dynamic industrial environment, for the needs of further optimization of production.

There are 3 segments of Turck’s system solutions for condition monitoring of machines in production:

  1. Parallel querying of user data via Modbus/TCP through Ethernet multiprotocol
  2. Fast signal pre-processing in the module through field logic controller (ARGEE)
  3. Wireless signal transfer from sensors

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Meet Turck’s system solutions for condition monitoring

Turck System Solutions for Condition Monitoring

In the case, PROFINET or EtherNet / IP are used as communication protocol in the existing network, with Turck multi-protocol device FLC in parallel, via the Modbus / TCP protocol we can obtain the same existing data. As Modbus in this case is limited to read access only and with lower priority, it has no effect on existing communications within machine control systems.

The competition does not offer such a solution at the moment, it usually offers solutions with parallel new connections, which means higher costs due to additional cables, additional elements and more extensive installation.

Thanks to the Turk functionality of the FLC area controller , any multi-protocol area (I / O) module with PROFINET, EtherNet / IP ™ and Modbus / TCP protocols can process data from existing or new sensors and generate additional information for early warnings or alarm messages. In conjunction with such a programmable area device, any conventional sensor can become an intelligent sensor.

A typical example in this presentation is detection of changes in the valve positioning time. Another example is a combination of a sensor and an RFID read / write head. If sensor detects an object, while an RFID read / write head does not detect an RFID tag for a certain amount of time, means a missing or defective RFID tag.

With relatively low data bandwidth, greater range and low power consumption, the DX80-Wireless-System is ideal for incorporating new sensors for machine condition monitoring. A radio signal with battery devices can completely replace wired connections. Turck offers a large selection of sensors and mounting accessories for this purpose.

Choose your preferred type of implementation

The cloud solutions can be implemented with servers in a remote location (Turck Cloud or Public Cloud), or on the company’s own IT infrastructure at the company’s location. Medium-sized companies, which rarely opt for remote cloud solutions for security reasons, find it easier to opt for second solution.

In the case of the implementation of the remote Turck cloud solution or the existing company’s own cloud solution, the Turck edge gateway TCG20 (Edge gateway) is used. TCG20 has the functionality of an edge PLC, an Ethernet switch and an edge gateway for cloud access. The TCG20 collects, processes and transmits to the cloud all the necessary data from the existing production area, as well as the additional data from the new sensors. TCG20 access to the cloud is possible via the company’s fixed Internet connection with standard Ethernet or wireless WiFi access, or via the UMTS mobile data network. Such a solution represents the fastest implementation of the solution for condition monitoring.

In the case of local implementation of a cloud solution, the Turk’s TBEN-L-PLC controller is used instead of the TCG20 edge gateway. The controller acts as both a PLC and a protocol gateway for connecting to a private cloud at a company location. All equipment and data remain at the company’s location.

Turck System Solutions for Condition Monitoring

Optimize all processes

Turck System Solutions for Condition Monitoring

Turck cloud solutions enable the availability of the data through various channels, analysis of these and the creation of digital twins for condition monitoring. This allows company management or technical specialists to access data to optimize production.

Some sensors have signals that are important for the operation of the machine, as well as for additional information for condition monitoring. Other sensors, however, are purpose-built only for the purpose of condition monitoring.

Get to know the multi-functional cloud gateway

The EDGE gateways of the TCG20 series offer a variety of interfaces for simple integration in automation networks

Of the interfaces, it includes 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports, RS232 / RS485, serial interface, CAN port, IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n, 2.4 / 5 GHz dual band, WPA / WPA2-PSK, various UMTS protocols for 2G and 3G

From server / client protocols include Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, CANopen, OPC-UA and MQTT

For networking, it includes end-to-end encrypted communication functionality (TLS v1.2, AES128 / AES256), embedded firewall, VPN client, NAT router, SNMP manager, DHCP server, location determination in UMTS implementations using trilateration.

The existing system can thus be quickly and easily integrated into the cloud via fixed Ethernet, WiFi or UMTS, without the need to replace existing material equipment.

The integrated edge PLC within the TCG20 enables, in addition to the functionality of connecting the elements of the existing system to the cloud, also the performance of controller tasks and mutual data exchange with the cloud system. PLC functionalities include transition between protocols, function blocks for all common functions, autonomous logic and on-site operations, up to 8192 I / O values ​​and 1024 variables the Cloud Portal, and other basic PLC functionalities.

Multifuncitonal gateway Turck

Exploit the robust gateway

TBEN-PLC controller Turck

The The TBEN-Lx-PLC-10 CODESYS 3 controller is a compact IP67/IP69K PLC for small or modular machines and can be installed directly in the field, thus enabling cabinet-free machine and plant installation

Automation concepts close to the machine and pre-assembled cables reduce cabling effort and simplify commissioning.

Controller and periphial protocols also allow use as a protocol converter.

Connect other equipment for production data

Several solutions have already been prepared, such as interlock control in a spreader, level measurement in a tank, end position indication of a valve, vibration measurement on a motor, measurement of the air humidity and temperature in a storage room, and others.

Turck’s wide range of products and knowledge provides many other options.

To expand the existing network for the needs of creating the digital twin, very diverse range of Turck products is available to capture and transfer important production data.

Turck products for colud solutions

Adjust the panel with ease

The dashboard of the Turck Cloud Portal shows the current machine data and states at a glance; the GUI can also be adapted by the customer as required.

Scalable solutions hosted or on premises, enables encrypted data transfer, quick and easy integration, relevant data can be accessed worldwide at any time.

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