Next-generation Inxpect LBK System Bus

Inxpect 3D safety radar with integrated ethernet safety fieldbus now supports also ProfiSafe fieldbus protocol. With an updated ISC-B01 control module, you can configure your safety system via ethernet anytime from anywhere. Use the real-time configuration possibility, allowing you a dynamic modification of the detection zone and the sensitivity of the system. Ensure the best protection for people in contact with the machines!

Radar safety system with ethernet connection

Inxpect ‘s 3D safety radar is the only volumetric safety device on the market based on radar technology. It consists of the LBK-S01 smart radar sensors and an ISC-B01 control unit. The system allows you to easily develop state-of-the-art security solutions for demanding work environments.

An updated ISC-B01 control unit with ethernet connection now supports also ProfiSafe protocol. With its improved and additional features, it will make it even easier for you to ensure the highest level of safety in demanding operating conditions and in dirty environments where other safety devices fail.

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Exploit advanced functionality based on ethernet

Inxpect control unit ISC B01

The ISC-B01 control unit for the Inxpect radar detection system features secure ethernet communication. The updated unit provides advanced functionality:

  • You can configure it remotely via the Inxpect Safety Application: the security is guaranteed by the adoption of the highest security standards
  • You can dynamically modify the detection zone in real-time
  • You can dynamically configure the sensitivity of the system, the warning zone and the input functionality
  • It supports different fieldbus protocols (e.g. ProfiSafe, CIP Safety)

Increase the application performance with updated features

Use the Inxpect 3D safety radar to effectively:

  1. Protect Access
    • when a person enters the dangerous area, the system safely stops your machinery
  2. Prevent restart
    • the system checks that the dangerous area is empty and only then allows the restart of your machinery

The improved and added features of the control unit enable you even more efficient safety system management.

Inxpect LBK System Bus

Check out all benefits of the Inxpect 3D safety radar

Dynamically modify the detection zone

You can configure system’s parameters in real-time, allowing a dynamic modification of the detection zone. This feature is especially useful for Mobile Industrial Robot (MiR) applications.

Improve the communication 

An ethernet safety fieldbus allows you a safe, easy and quick communication with the machinery’s PLC. You can exchange complex information in real-time.

Exploit short response time

With a response time of the Inxpect safety radar lower than 100 ms, you can save space and reduce the area required to stop your machinery.

Configure the device remotely

The ethernet communication guarantees you more flexibility, easier integration and a remote configuration of your system. The communication with the ISC-B01 is secured by the most advanced security protocols.

Use temporary muting for safe access

The control module features programmable Muting function: the configuration of sensor groups that can be temporarily muted allows operators to safely access parts of the dangerous area, according to production needs.

Use the safety area 3D configurator 

User friendly Inxpect Safety Application allows you to set up a 3D warning and 3D danger zones. In addition, the 3D display makes it easier to optimally cover the danger area with LBK-S01 sensors, field-programmed to cover either a Wide or a Narrow sensing field.

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INXPECT radar security system

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