Magnet track sensor box for precise monitoring

The SSB-R magnet track sensor box from Schmersal monitors the speed and position of electric monorail conveyors cost-effective, maintenance-free and with great precision. Benefit from the SSB-R magnetic switch in the automotive sector and intralogistics.

Detect the position of conveyor cost-effectively

Schmersal’s wear-free magnetic switching systems have long been used in the automotive industry. Characterised by wide-ranging wear resistance and tolerance in the event of misalignment, they are indispensable for positioning and control purposes in the monorail conveyor and lift industry.

The Schmersal Group has now designed a magnet track sensor box that carries out these functions with significantly improved precision. The SSB-R sensor box provides cost-effective and maintenance-free detection of the position of electric monorail conveyors in the automotive industry and intralogistics.

Magnet track sensor box Schmersal

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Provide accurate positioning with the SSB-R sensor box

Magnet track sensor box Schmersal

The SSB-R magnetic switch detects the field of suitable actuator magnets on four independent tracks and switches the signal status on pass-by. This level change, which occurs on rapid pass-by, is retained until the next activation, i.e., retentively. A connected control unit uses the signals to determine the section and position of the controls and sensor box, e.g., the speed or holding positions of the drive motor.

A monorail conveyor is brought to a halt at the desired stopping position with an accuracy of approx. 1.5 mm, which is made possible by two angle sensors in the sensor box. This is especially useful in the case of robot workstations, where components need to be positioned with extreme accuracy. Moreover, you need no additional magnets for such fine positioning.

Easily install the magnet track sensor box

The sensor box features maintenance-free signal storage and switching in case of power failure, as well as a wide-angle LED track display.

As the sensor box integrates four shielded tracks in latching reed technology, it can be installed with ease with just a single M12 connector. This is much more straightforward than with previously used magnetic switches. Also, a second connector can be integrated into the sensor box to allow connection of additional signal evaluation without significant wiring effort.

You can use this IP 65 sensor box up to a maximum speed of 300 m/min and in temperature ranges of -25 °C to +70 °C.

Magnet track sensor box LED display

Check the applicability

Magnet track sensor box application

The SSB-R sensor box comes in handy in the automotive sector and intralogistics. It has already proven its capabilities in initial applications, especially in the electric vehicle production. It monitors the speed and position of moving machine parts, e.g., those on electric monorail conveyors used to transport engines, doors, bodies, etc. to different assembly workstations in automobile plants.

The box is also well prepared for the ever-growing market demand for this drive type, thanks to its UL approval for the US market.

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