Safety relay modules Schmersal SRB-E

Schmersal’s safety relay modules SRB-E enable you to easily perform complex safety functions in addition to ensuring the safety of workers when working with machines. The main advantage of the SRB-E series is its multifunctionality, which allows you to use all the variants with several existing SRB modules. Each module can be configured with a simple control element for up to 12 different applications. Ensure easy and efficient monitoring of your safety sensors and electromechanical safety equipment!

Universally adjustable safety relay modules SRB-E

With Schmersal SRB-E electronic safety relay module series, Schmersal has reduced the range of its safety relay modules from over 100 to 12 universal adjustable types. You can now set the function of individual module simply using the rotary switch “mode”, while the drop-out delay is adjusted via rotary switch “time”.

The SRB-E safety relay modules can be used effectively to connect safety devices with electromechanical contacts, as well as to connect magnetic switches, electronic sensors (CSS, RFID) and electro-optical safety devices (safety light curtains, laser scanners, photocells,…).

Save time, space and money on your next project

Safety relay modules Schmersal SRB-E

Safety relay module SRB-E is an economical solution that saves your time, space and money when planning a project, wiring, programming or. settings and function testing.

It features a removable terminal blocks with plugin positional coding and snap-in blank equipment label, which allows you to identify individual projects and devices.

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Safety relay modules and their main characteristics

Exploit the advantages of the safety relay modules and raise the safety of your industrial applications.

  • Relay or transistor outputs
  • Up to 10 safe inputs and 5 safe outputs
  • Up to 4 signalling outputs
  • Instalation width for all device variants 22.5 mm
  • Up to 16 different applications can be selected
  • Safety level of up to PL e / SIL3
  • Simple adjustment using rotary switch
  • Monitoring of all conventional safety switchgear
  • Selected applications can be locked using seal
  • Quick response time (<10 ms)
  • Slot-in termination with coding
  • Two-hand control monitoring
  • Combination module for 2 protective devices (SRB-E-402ST)
  • Module for up to 4 safety devices (SRB-E-204ST)
  • Input expander module for up to 4 safety devices (SRB-E-204PE)
  • Module with integrated safety guard and safe standstill monitoring with 1 or 2 impulse sensors (SRB-E-402FWS-TS)
  • 1 or 2-channel signal evaluation
Safety relay modules Schmersal SRB-E

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Safety relay modules Schmersal SRB-E

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