Interface for Ex hazardous areas

Turck’s Frequency Transducer/Pulse Counter IMX12-FI with global Ex approvals, not only monitors speed but also acts as a pulse counter. It can count pulses up to 20 kHz.

Benefit from advanced technology

Turck has added the flexible IMX12-FI Frequency Transducer/Pulse Counter with global Ex approvals to its range of IMX interface devices. You can not only use the devices as rotational speed monitors but also as pulse counters. In both modes, the single-channel and two-channel variants can transfer input frequencies of up to 20,000 Hz.

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Monitor multiple parameters

Turck's IMX12-FI interface for Ex environments

Besides transmitting the input frequency to the analog output, the single-channel IMX12-FI can also monitor slippage, clockwise/anticlockwise rotation as well as overspeed and underspeed.

The user can also define a speed window for monitoring. The two-channel variant transmits the particular input pulses to the corresponding analog outputs. The device can also transfer the difference between two frequencies to an output.

  • Installation in zone 2
  • SIL 2
  • Input circuits monitored for wire-breakand short-circuit
  • Parametrized via PC
  • Complete galvanic isolation
  • Removable screw terminals

Powerful, adaptable and easy to adjust

You can adapt the IMX12-FI individually to the individual requirements of their applications via IO-Link and an FDT Framework such as PACTware. It can be run actively or passively with 0/4…20 mA. Turck offers variants with screw or cage clamp terminals as well as with or without DIN rail power feed.

The IMX12-FI also offers the proven benefits of the IMX series: The frequency transducer can be operated in the voltage range from 10 to 30 VDC, which allows use in solar power or wind power driven modules. It is suitable for use in safety circuits up to SIL2 and meets the stringent EMC requirements of the process industry (NE21).

The IMX12-FI also offers the highest channel density on the market. Thanks to worldwide approvals for all relevant markets, the frequency transducer allows users to achieve the greatest possible security for their investment.

Turck's IMX12-FI interface for Ex environments

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Turck's IMX12-FI interface for Ex environments

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