Turck flow sensor FS+ for flow monitoring

Are you looking for a unique combination of reliable and repeatable monitoring of both flow and temperature of liquid media, robustneness, high protection class and easy operation? A solution with an IO-Link? Then Turck’s sensor in the FS+ product series are the right choice for you!

Flow sensor for optimal application solution

Technology should make your daily tasks easier and be readily available, intuitive and adaptable. The ingenious industrial design must both amaze you and help the product withstand harsh industrial conditions. All of these are features of Turck’s new FS+ flow sensor with IO-Link 1.1. After undergoing many years of intensive development, this sensor meets even the most stringent of demands.

The compact FS+ flow sensor provides you with the reliable and repeatable control of the flow and temperature of liquid media in your production. It is easy to operate, and its innovative sealing concept keeps it well protected against external influences.

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Set the switching point quickly and easily

Set switching point FS+ sensor Turck

You can quickly and conveniently integrate FS+ sensors into your machines and plants. The sensors are easy to mount and can automatically detect PNP/NPN signals.

Take advantage of the Quick Teach function, which allows you to set the switching point directly on the device in a matter of seconds. Delta flow monitoring ensures that the teach point is taught in at the correct time.

Protect against environmental influences

The FS+ flow sensor is operated via three wear-free touchpads. These allow you a convenient navigation as on your smartphone, while also eliminating the need for additional sealing surfaces.

Its stainless steel housing and one-piece cover help the FS+ sensor resist wear and meet the stringent requirements of the IP66, IP67 and IP69K protection classes.

Protection class FS+ sensor Turck

A host of special features that will convince you!

Easy mount and set up FS+ sensor Turck

Easy to Mount and Set Up

• Sensor housing freely rotatable by 340°
• Modular mechanical concept
• Integrated temperature measurement
• Teach in reliably with delta flow monitoring
• Set the switching point in just a few steps using the Quick Teach function
• Automatic detection: PNP/NPN
• Position the probe tip however you want

Fast teach process

Quick Teach FS+ sensor Turck

Quick Teach function

You can set the switching point instantly or even directly on the device itself using the “Quick Teach” function. The FS+ monitors the effective flow and alerts you of any deviations from the reference value, which can be freely set by you.

delta flow monitoring FS+ sensor Turck

Delta Flow Monitoring

Delta flow monitoring ensures that all teach-in functions are only enabled once the flow is constant. This way you can be sure that you have set the switching point under the correct, desired conditions. This reliably prevents random or systematic errors from occuring during the teach process.

Operation via an awarded interface

  • LED indicators for outputs and active teach mode
  • 2-color, 11-segment LED bar
  • Wear-free touchpads
  • 45° inclined display
  • Status LEDs for voltage, errors, lock function and IO-Link
  • Translucent, scratch-resistant front cap
Interface FS+ sensor Turck
Modular FS+ sensor Turck

Modularly varied portfolio

The FS+ flow sensors are part of Turck’s new platform for fluid sensors and follow a modular mechanical concept. The neutral M18 × 1 coupling nut allows you to adapt different process connections to your application. In addition, our sophisticated stock control system ensures the quickest delivery times. Probes are available in different lengths.

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FS+ flow sensor Turck

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