excom: the I/O solution for all Ex zones

Update your processes to the digital era. Make your production system more efficient, identify weak points and anticipate failures before they occur. With Turck’s GEN-3G Ethernet gateway, you can transfer process information and meta data from the field to IT systems. There, intelligent condition monitoring algorithms transform this data into knowledge that helps you and your plant.

Digital Process Optimization for Hazardous Locations

Up to now, data has been distributed across many devices at the field level. Turck is paving the way for the evaluation of this data with its high-availability I/O system excom. Its GEN-3G Ethernet gateway provides an interface for parallel data access.

You can transfer process information and meta data from the field to IT systems where intelligent condition monitoring algorithms transform it into knowledge that helps you and your plant.

excom: The I/O solution for all Ex zones

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Tamper-proof data access

excom: The I/O solution Turck, communications

The excom Ethernet gateway is approved for installation in zone 2 Ex areas or in safe areas. It not only transmits usage data to the control system via multi-protocol Ethernet (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP). In addition to this user data, analysis data can be retrieved from the gateway by suitable network participants and transferred to outsourced IT systems.

These run in parallel over the same network. The IT system for data analysis has read authorization only. This prevents tampering with the process or control system. The systems for data analysis can be realized on premises without an external network connection or in cloud systems.

Features that will impress you

excom enables smooth integration into the world’s most important process control systems

Whether via Ethernet or fieldbus connection: The excom system is transparent for the full functionality of the control systems from Rockwell, Emerson, Honeywell, Siemens, ABB, Yokogawa or Supcon. Thanks to detailed integration manuals and worldwide support, the integration into DCS/PLC is simple and error-free.

No re-approval required, even for extensions

The entire system is approved for the corresponding Ex areas. Users can therefore exchange or even supplement gateways or I/O cards flexibly. The operators can carry out the necessary re-evaluation of the temperature in the system housing themselves without an external test site.

excom systems are installed and wired for you in your control cabinet or individual enclosure, taking account of your specific requirements. Individual cable glands, terminals, system connectors and other components can be installed directly. Depending on the project, the factory acceptance test (FAT) can be performed directly at Turck’s site. Your benefits: You only need one partner for your turnkey I/O system.

Double is stronger – especially in the process industry

excom supports Profinet S2 redundancy and ring topologies. Even for Ethernet protocols that do not have a native redundancy specification, excom uses its own specification to establish system redundancy, gateway redundancy or combinations of the two. This allows maximum availability to be achieved with all systems – regardless of whether or not the control systems support the respective redundancy concept.

In addition to network and protocol redundancy, excom also supports hot swapping, i.e. the replacement of all components and modules during operation. This makes maintenance work much easier.

Unmatched: 960 signals in a single standard control cabinet

excom’s packing density of up to 960 signals on five module racks in a standard control cabinet is unmatched worldwide. Explosion isolation is already integrated in the I/O system. Control cabinets for interface technology are thus completely superfluous, as are I/O cards in the control system. This space advantage can be decisive, especially in retrofit projects. excom can connect up to 192 binary or 96 analog signals via a single IP address.

Three module racks for 8, 16 and 24 modules ensure that the space is optimally used in every installation, whether in a single enclosure or in the large I&C control cabinet.

excom: The I/O solution Turck - features

Full data access, maximum availability, absolute security

excom: The I/O solution Turck, communication scheme

The graphic shows the variety of installation scenarios of excom with Ethernet. Combinations of different redundancy concepts increase the availability of the plant. The connection to asset management systems, mobile terminals and various clouds can be made via Turck’s encrypted cloud protocol Kolibri, OPC-UA or MQTT.

Thanks to parallel data access, the process data of the control system can be systematically separated from analysis data. In addition to the security aspect, this architecture offers a further advantage: In terms of monitoring and optimization (M+O), your plant benefits from the short innovation cycles of the IT world and can rely on the safety and reliability of OT (operational technology).

Parallel data access – fit for the future

The parallel data retrieval brings IIoT into the process world. Data is diverted into a parallel IT structure below control system level. This means that the control systems and process control remain untouched.

Outside the control and ERP systems, this data can be used to make valuable findings regarding component efficiency and failure probability. For example, if the running time of a valve connection increases, it may indicate corrosion or deposits. The findings from these analyses flow back into the processes at operation management level in optimization cycles.

excom: The I/O solution Turck, pyramid

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excom: The I/O solution Turck

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