Contactless measurements and inspection

Contactless measurements can now be performed with the state-of-the-art Micro-Epsilon boreCONTROL equipment, designed for the interior wall inspection and diameter measurements and inspection in bore holes and cavities in the diameter range from 4 mm up to 16 mm.

Measure without contact

The measuring system consists of:

  • a sensor with integrated rotary drive,
  • a motor controller,
  • a sensor controller,
  • an exchangeable sensor lense.

The mechanical properties of the system, the method of measurement and the data display are adaptable to the customer’s wishes. The confocal chromatic sensor technology enables non-contact diameter and profile measurements as well as surface assessment and defect detection in bore holes and cavities.

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Integrate a rotary drive for circular measurement

Contactless measurements and inspection of openings

The sensor with integrated rotary drive allows circular measurement. The movement of the sensor and the measured object are provided by RTA stepper motors or YASKAWA and UNITRONICS servo motors.

Such a method allows measurements to be performed over a large measuring surface and different measuring ranges: 4–10 mm, 8–12.8 mm and 10–16 mm. You will be able to perform the measurement on many materials, including those that are sensitive and difficult to access.

Get into the details

  • Short measurement cycles due to high sampling rate (up to 25 kHz)
  • Confocal-chromatic distance measurement and surface inspection with intensity estimation
  • High repeatability and accuracy
  • Optical temperature compensation

The confocal chromatic measuring principle offers the following advantages:

  • Contactless measurement with small light spot
  • High resolution in radial and axial direction
  • High dynamics (sampling rate up to 25 kHz)
  • Applicable on many materials, even sensitive ones
  • Measurement of precision parts for turning, milling, deep drawing, injection moulding etc.
  • First-off sample inspection or in-process diameter measurements
  • Surface assessment & defect detection
  • For numerous applications in the automotive industry, aircraft industry, medical engineering and in machine building
Contactless measurements and inspection of openings

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Contactless measurements and inspection of openings

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