Accurate O-frame Thickness measurement system

The O-frame version inline thickness measurement system extends the thicknessGAUGE range from precision sensor supplier Micro-Epsilon. Use the thicknessGAUGE O.EC for precise measurements of strip and plate materials that are up to 3 mm thick and 1250 mm wide. Integrate this complete ‘out-of-the-box’ solution into new plant or retrofit it into an existing one.

Use state-of-the-art thickness measurement system

The thicknessGAUGE O.EC fills the current gap between basic thickness sensors and custom inline thickness measurement systems. This compact measuring system features a stable O-frame design with an aluminum roller and an integrated control cabinet.

With the thicknessGAUGE O.EC you can accurately (±0.3 µm) measure plastic strip, film and sheet materials up to 3 mm thick and max. 1250 mm wide. The sensor is traversed over the film to obtain a cross profile of the material thickness. A thickness profile is generated by keeping the sensor fixed at a particular position.

O-frame Thickness measurement system Micro-Epsilon

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Highest precision at an attractive price

Avoid problems as a result of self-assembling the system from multiple sensors. The thicknessGAUGE O.EC is a complete ‘out-of-the-box’ solution for thickness gauging and quality control. Apart from saving money, it saves your time and eliminates worries.

You can integrate the thickness measurement system in complete production lines, both in the new plant and the existing plant, with retrofitting.

Get to know the thickness measurement principle

The sub-micron accuracy and high signal stability of the system are enabled by a combiSENSOR KSS6430, which combines a capacitive and an eddy-current inductive sensor. They both measure from the same side in the direction of the aluminium roller.

The dielectric constant of the non-conductive material is used by the capacitive sensor to determine the distance to the topside of the target object. Meanwhile, the distance to the aluminium roller is recorded by the integrated eddy current sensor.

The difference between the two signals represents the thickness of the measured material. Calibration on a reference target of known thickness is required before measurement. The installation and integration work are greatly simplified as the system is powered via a 24 V power source.

O-frame Thickness measurement system measurement principle

Benefit from a powerful software

Thickness gauge software

All thicknessGAUGE measurement systems are equipped with a thicknessCONTROL software package for analysis, presentation and archiving of monitored production data. It provides convenient touch gesture control similar to that of modern smart phones.

You can display the measured process values in multiple ways and select different measurement modes, i.e. traversing measurement or fixed track measurement. Full SPC data of the measurements is available to you, as well as the self-completion of an automated verification of the system’s capability.

You also have access to the article database, production archive, statistical evaluations, as well as limit value monitoring with ‘return back to production’ using (optional) digital fieldbus interfaces.

Benefit from thickness measurement system

Based on high precision and intelligent sensor technology, you can use the thickness measurement system in various industries. You can use it for thickness measurement of film, plastic plates, woven materials, wood and ceramics in material engineering. You can also measure metal film, strips or plates in metal production or benefit from it in energy industry, for thickness measurement of fuel cells and battery film (coated/uncoated).

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