Improve the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure

For Secomea, security is the very core of their remote maintenance solution tailored to the automation industry. Their remote access solution enables secure, controlled access to critical systems, provides monitoring and auditing capabilities, and enhances overall cybersecurity for your company. By ensuring compliance with NIS2 directive it helps you establish a strong defence against cyberthreats.

Comply with the NIS2 directive for increased cybersecurity

The revised EU directive on the security of Network and Information Systems (NIS2) is a response to the growing threats posed with digitalization, as well as the surge in cyberattacks worldwide. Its principal objective is to increase the level of cyber resilience of critical infrastructure within the EU by requiring certain entities (including many manufacturers) to take appropriate measures to manage and mitigate the risks posed to their network and information systems.

All entities in the EU, which provide critical services to the economy and society are expected to comply with the new requirements in 2024.

NIS2 directive for increased cybersecurity

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Check out sectors covered by the NIS2

NIS2 sector circle

The impact of NIS2 on entities depends on their industry and the level of criticality of their services. All operators of essential services and digital service providers will need to comply with the security risk management and reporting rules by conducting risk management, incident response planning, and regular security assessments.

Otherwise, they may face penalties and fines, which could have significant financial and reputational consequences. Conversely, the improved cybersecurity posture and compliance improve customer trust, increase resilience against cyber threats, and boost competitive advantage.

  • Energy: Electricity, district heating and cooling, oil, gas, and hydrogen.
  • Transport: Air, rail, water, and road.
  • Banking: Financial institutions, payment service providers, and stock exchanges.
  • Health: Including manufacture of pharmaceutical products, hereunder vaccines.
  • Drinking water supply and distribution: Water treatment and supply companies.
  • Digital infrastructure: Internet exchange points, DNS service providers, etc.
  • Public administration: Government bodies and agencies that provide essential services.
  • Food supply chain: Food processing, distribution, and retail companies.

In addition to sectors listed above the NIS2 also applies to sectors such as computers and electronics, machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, manufacturing of medical devices, chemicals, food, etc. See full overview here

Ensure the cybersecurity as a manufacturer

To ensure compliance with the NIS2 directive you can:

Evaluate the risks to the security of your network and information systems. Consider the impact of potential incidents on the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your systems.

Develop and implement security measures that are proportionate to the risks identified during the risk assessment. These measures must be designed to ensure the security of your network and information systems.

Regularly monitor your network and information systems for security incidents, and take appropriate measures to prevent and mitigate them.

Report any significant security incidents to the relevant national authority as required by the directive.

Appoint a competent authority in the EU to ensure compliance with the NIS2 directive. The competent authority must have the necessary knowledge, resources, and expertise to oversee compliance with the directive.

Maintain records of your compliance with the NIS2 directive, including risk assessments, security measures, and incident reports.

Cybersecurity in digital plant

Ensure NIS2 compliance with the Secomea Solution

Industrial cybersecurity Secomea

With the Secomea’s remote access solution you can establish a strong defence against cyberthreats by enabling secure, controlled access to critical systems, providing monitoring and auditing capabilities, and enhancing overall cybersecurity for your company.

By deploying the Secomea Solution you provide:

This is particularly important for manufacturers who have distributed teams, contractors, or service providers that need to access production environments or critical infrastructure.

You can ensure that only authorized users are allowed to access critical systems, and that they can do so only with the appropriate level of access.

You can track and audit user activity to ensure compliance with NIS2 and other regulatory requirements.

The Secomea secure remote access solution helps you safeguard your networks against cyberattacks, including those that are specifically targeting the manufacturing industry.

Cybersecurity has never been more important

Due to the increasing reliance on technology across sectors cybersecurity is more important than ever. With increased digitalization, the vulnerability of companies to cyber threats also increases.

Manufacturers who rely heavily on technology to automate production processes, manage supply chains, and communicate with customers, are no exception to this trend. Cyber risks can impact not only their bottom line but also their reputation and customer trust.

Security is a key fundament of Secomea’s remote maintenance solution, which is tailored to the automation industry. Security is built-in, not bolted on, and designed from the ground up to meet both operational technology (OT) and IT requirements.

Security built-in Secomea Solution

Secomea – committed to the IEC 62443 series

IEC 62443 certificates

In addition to achieved IEC 62443-3-3 and IEC 62443-4-2 certificates, Secomea has achieved certification for compliance to IEC 62443-4-1 standard. This means that they are committed to following the requirements for Security Development Lifecycle Assurance (SDLA).

The IEC 62443-4-1 certificate confirms that Secomea has implemented a secure-by-design methodology from the first day of the product development process, which includes complete security lifecycle management and patch management. This certificate also demonstrates Secomea’s capability to:

  • Identify and respond to vulnerabilities,
  • Work with customers to mitigate their risks.

This certification underscores that Secomea’s products can be trusted to be secure even after new features are added or updates are implemented.

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