Remote maintenance, access and control of devices

Remote maintenance with the possibility of active control and remote access to devices , in the age of modern communication tools, condition efficient operation in industry. Receiving a message about the malfunction of the device on a mobile phone, viewing the data on the control panel, connecting to the controller and downloading a live image of the device maintainer from the field are just some of the useful tools offered by Tipteh.

Offer remote maintenance and access – Vuzix

Smart glasses from Vuzix will address your need for remote access and control of devices and assistance in their maintenance. Real-time transmission improves expert communication with the field worker and facilitates the work process. Through smart glasses from the field, the worker provides a live image and sound to the participants in the videoconference, who send relevant information to the screen of the smart glasses.

This makes it easier for professionals to guide and assist the worker during the entire device debugging operation, for example, they can send him sketches of parts of the device or label him with augmented reality (AR technology) essential parts for repair. The worker is unhindered, as he uses smart glasses hands-free and location-independent.

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Benefit from the remote maintenance

Remote maintenance benefits

You can easily integrate various remote communication programs (Zoom, Skype, Vuzix Remote Assist) to your smart glasses. Additionally TeamViewer Frontline’s xAssist advanced remote support application offers additional features such as document exchange and augmented reality for remote assistance.

  • Professional assistance anywhere and anytime, without the need to travel,
  • Lower costs and time savings
  • Easy and unobstructed use,
  • Voice (hands-free) control,
  • Concern for the safety and health of employees,
  • Elimination of costs of mobile operators, regardless of location.

Secomea – remote access specialist

Company Secomea specializes in the field of industrial remote communications that help you monitor, manage and servicing your equipment no matter where you are.

Their guideline is “Make the connection safe and easy ”. Their industrial IoT Solution will cover all aspects from remote access to cloud analytics.

Access remote device maintenance from anywhere

Secomea data collection cloud (DCC) will help you address typical data collection needs of Machine Builders and Manufacturers and help you establish end-to-end data collection. DCC is tightly integrated with the remote access components GateManager and SiteManager.

Diagnostics and programming of PLC, HMI and other smart devices.

A pre-prepared module for calculating the overall efficiency of the equipment (OEE), with long-term data analysis, allows to predict the operation and failure of the machine in the future.

Access to the cloud control panel or to the decentralized SCADA Web interface for management and control.

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Remote maintenance, Secomea dashboard

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