Intelligent IoT platform for easy managing of IIoT devices

The Axiomtek’s AMS (Agent MaaS Suite) is the intelligent device management software that comes with data visualization and cloud-connectivity functionality designed to help reduce your development time and effort spent on Industrial IoT project. Through the AMS, you can manage and handle tasks in various classes efficiently, such as protocol communication, data collection and processing, message transmission, and information presentation.

Manage and control intelligently

The IoT platform Agent MaaS Suite (AMS) from the world-renowned manufacturer Axiomtek is the answer to the growing presence of the IoT concept (Internet of Things) in various industrial applications as well.

The version of the IoT concept for industry – IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is also gaining ground. IIot thus remains a platform through which network-connected devices, using common communication protocols, communicate with each other.

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Enable fast data transmition

Axiomtek AMS IoT platform

The main technologies that support IioT are Cloud services, Edge Computing and artificial intelligence (AI). The biggest breakthrough in IIoT will be attributed to the fifth generation of mobile technology (5G), where speed and especially access times will enable fast enough communication.

This is where the Axiomtek AMS software solution or IoT platform comes into play.

Manage IoT devices with ease

The Agent MaaS Suite (AMS) IoT platform is designed to manage and control IIoT devices, via Axiomtek industrial computers. This includes the AMS.AXView client and the AMS.Maas server.

Highly integrated industrial IIoT device management system, contains a wide range of standard communication protocols and allows control, settings, and notification of events on the system.

Axiomtek AMS IoT platform

Develop project in simple steps

Axiomtek AMS IoT platform

The platform includes the development tool Node-RED for visual programming – in the popular JavaScript programming language, we can create a project in four simple steps (plug, play, configure and play).

The AMS platform is thus suitable for SI, OT, IT professionals and anyone who needs to easily create a POC platform. AMS is also an online service so that users can manage their devices and systems anytime, anywhere via the Internet and a browser.

Meet the features of the IoT platform

  • System control and configuration on all devices with a web browser
  • 24/7 online monitoring and visualized data on the control panel
  • Notification of alarms and events by e-mail, by triggering a digital output, via MQTT or social networks
  • Communication support for Modbus, MQTT, REST, WebSocket, HTTP and TCP / UDP
  • Node-Red development environment for visual programming based on the description of data flows
  • Programming without advanced programming skills (flow based)
  • Control panel with built-in components for easy creation
Axiomtek AMS IoT platform - features

Connect 2 protocol-incompatible networks

Axiomtek AMS IoT platform

AMS.AXView is a client installed in a Linux environment on selected hardware and behaves like an Edge Gateway. “Gateway” oz. “Gateway” is a node device for connecting two protocol-incompatible networks.

The connection is enabled by embedded communication converters for different protocols, which are determined by at least the upper four layers of the ISO / OSI model. The function of the gateway is also to pre-process a large amount of raw data, and send filtered information to the cloud for further analysis.

The concept of data processing near the source (eg sensor, machine,…) reduces the amount of data transferred to the cloud, which increases the response time and network load.

AMS.AXView supports plug-in communication protocols such as MQTT, Socket, WebSocket, HTTP and TCP / UDP. Allows you to manage devices connected via a serial or LAN port.

The platform integrates Node-RED, an open source visual programming tool that allows users to quickly and easily process and visualize data. Using pre-built plugins, Node-RED contains many templates for reading and processing data, from a variety of sources, for a variety of applications.

The gateway is located on the edge of the network (Edge Gateway), near sensors, machines or other data sources, and serves as a bridge that bridges connected devices in the local network with a data center on a remote server (cloud).

All data traveling to the cloud or other network first communicates with the gateway – it collects and translates data signals from devices and is thus an interface for communication between different systems.

Collect and manage remote clients and systems

AMS.MaaS is a server and serves as a tool for collecting and managing remote clients and systems. It supports features that help administrators find, identify, and manage the system, and provides an overview of the data.

The core value of IIoT is the data collected, through which companies identify specific problems and formulate plans to eliminate problems and improve processes. Whether it’s optimizing production processes, increasing productivity or reducing costs and risk. In this context, MaaS aggregates data from different sources and uses analytics to obtain and display relevant information.

Axiomtek AMS IoT platform

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