The new version allows you to connect to your devices in a new graphical display. Simple and secure connection has been important since the beginning of SECOMEA.

Benetif from the latest features of SECOMEA

  • SECOMEA 9.3 is even simpler, safer and more reliable.
  • Their software also meets Microsoft’s requirements for certified drivers, so you don’t need administrator rights to use the new version of LinkManager on your computer.
  • Access to a remote device from your browser through a 443 port for all types of applications (e.g. VNC does not need to open port 55000-59999 – applies to those that have their own GateManager server).
  • Advanced device finder in GateManager.
  • For greater transparency, the administrator can ask the user for the reason of connection.
Secomea communications

Achieve a high level of security

Secomea secure remote access

Security has always and always will be a key fundament of the Secomea Solution.

It has been certified by the security organization ProtectEM GmbH despite all major interventions in the source code of the application.

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Make networking simple again

Ease of networking has been an extremely important topic from the beginning, as evidenced by their slogan, “ SEcure COmmunication Made EAsy”.

This feature has been further extended in the latest version of the equipment. Non-IT engineers can now create a secure connection.

Secomea secure remote access

Exploit the features of central control system

Secomea secure remote access

The central control system allows:

  • easy implementation of the access hierarchy,
  • creation of various alarms (emails or SMS) at various events,
  • easy upgrade of software versions on SiteManage,
  • and at the same time records of the entire history of events that are important points in obtaining a security certificate.

Enjoy in improved user experience

Hardware or. SiteManager now offers WiFi router features on the site.

It can act as a WiFi client or access point, enable NAT rules and routing, it can act as a DHCP server, and DHCP clients can access the Internet.

This improves the user experience.

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