Accurate and low cost draw-wire sensor

Draw-wire sensor WPS-MK88 Micro-Epsilon is specially designed for serial applications with large numbers of pieces. Use it for accurate distance measurement while gaining new potential in design and cost optimization.

Compact, reliable and affordable

The sensor housing is made of strong and robust plastic, ensuring that the sensor is rated as IP65. High-quality sensor components ensure its long service life.

There are three different measuring ranges available, namely 2300 mm, 3500 mm and 5000 mm. The sensors have a quasi-infinite resolution and, at best, 0.15% linearity.

As well as analog versions with potentiometer, current or voltage output, digital versions with incremental or absolute encoders are available.

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Reduce production costs

Draw wire sensor Micro-Epsilon MK88, application

All Micro-Epsilon’s draw-wire sensors use a highly flexible steel rope to measure linear displacement. The drum on which the steel rope is wound is connected to a sensor that provides an output signal depending on the position of the rope. These measurements are extremely accurate, yet dynamic.

The MK88 is especially designed for mobile applications in series such as mobile cranes or mobile working platforms. The combination of dimensions, robust design, measurement range and price-ratio makes the MK88 unique. Therefore, it has the potential to reduce production costs significantly.

Designed for a wide range of applications

Draw-wire sensor from MK88 series is mostly used in cases where longer distances are measured, typically from 50 cm to 50 m. As the distance between the contacts is more than 3 mm, they comply with the IEC 60335-1 standard.

You can also use it in:

  • elevator position control applications (car lifts, passenger cranes, freight elevators),
  • medical applications(determining operating table position, X-ray head position during imaging,…),
  • laboratory measurements of various suspension (bridges, structures, bridges,…) or temperature crack,
draw wire sensor Micro-Epsilon MK88

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draw wire sensor Micro-Epsilon MK88

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