Industrial Ethernet I/O module

Stand-alone ultra-compact TBEN-S2-2COM module from Turck enables connection of devices with RS232/485 serial interfaces and digital I/O to industrial Ethernet, e.g. PROFINET.

Ultra-compact design

Turck offers a serial communication module in its stand-alone ultra-compact TBEN-S Ethernet series: the TBEN-S2-2COM module has 2 serial ports, which can be arbitrarily defined as RS232 or RS485, depending on the need. Additional connectors on the module allow for connection of four universal digital signals, which can be designated as inputs or outputs.

Up to 8 Modbus slave devices can be connected to the integrated Modbus RTU master via the RS485 interface. The new TBEN-S2-2COM modules also support Turck multi-protocol technologies and can therefore operate on a PROFINET, Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP network without additional settings on the module.

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Easier installation

Industrial Ethernet I/O module Turck TBEN-S2-2COM

The slim 32mm 2COM module simplifies applications that require the connection of digital signals in a confined space next to devices with serial interfaces. Thanks to the IP67 protection, the modules can be installed directly on the machine and thus reduce the amount of wiring.

Serial interface parameters such as start-stop bits, parity, and data rates are determined via a GSDML file or parameterization software such as e.g. Pactware. The power supply of serial devices can be set between 5 and 24 V.

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Industrial Ethernet I/O module Turck application

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