High-speed control system Vipa 300S+

VIPA 300S+ control system from Yaskawa, powered by SPEED7 and fast I/O periphery, is especially suitable for cost-sensitive applications. Due to its exceptional high-speed performance, the scalable memories and diverse communication possibilities, it can be used effectively in nearly every demanding applications.

Fast and efficient VIPA 300S+ control system

VIPA 300S+ control system from Yaskawa Vipa, powered by SPEED7, is one of the fastest and most efficient µC based systems worldwide. Yaskawa VIPA is a strong global player in automation, best known for their reliable PLCs.

Their solutions are used daily in the industrial automation in e.g. automotive and food industries and in logistics.

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VIPA 300S+ will convince you with it’s advantages

control system Yaskawa VIPA S300+ flexibility

High speed for every use, especially with high-speed I/O modules on the SPEED-Bus

Data security & clever memory management, which can be expanded with additional cards

Comprehensive communication capability and modern protocols, including Profinet, Modbus and others

High flexibility in use & application, with the possibility of installing VIPA 300S+ and SIEMENS I/O modules

Possibility of programming with various software tools: WinPLC7, Simatic Manager Step7, TIA portal (Siemens)

Long-term investment security with the possibility of expansion

Integrated SPEED7 technology for outstanding speed

SPEED7 technology gives the VIPA 300S+ the leading edge:

  • The SPEED7 delivers the highest performance
  • The SPEED7 provides the most flexible communication
  • The SPEED7 is the basis of all existing and future VIPA control systems
  • For very fast applications, you can use the unique SPEED bus with fast I/O modules and CPUs
  • SPEED7 ensures perfect match among all VIPA’s products
control system Yaskawa VIPA S300+ Speed7

Key features of VIPA 300S+ control system

The 300S+ compact CPUs with integrated SPEED7 technology and the I/O periphery directly on board, are particularly suitable for cost-conscious use. With their high-speed performance, the scalable memory and the outstanding communication, you can use them in almost all demanding applications.

The possibility of the external strage option via MMC or SD card (up to 2 GB) allows you automatical or manual back up and data recovery. For the protection of your knowhow Yaskawa’s worldwide acknowledged Advanced KnowHow-Protect is available. The attractive selection of already integrated communication interfaces such as the integrated Ethernet/MPI and PtP interfaces as standard ensure comfort and flexibility in almost every situation.

Thanks to the integrated work memory, the VIPA 300S+ can operate without an additional memory card. Depending on the type of CPU, you can extend the work memory to up to 8 MB using a Memory Configuration Card (MCC) and upgrade the control system according to your needs.

  • VIPA 300S+ form and function are compatible with S7-300 from Siemens
  • Mixed operation is supported for VIPA 300S+ and Siemens modules in the same rack
  • It is modularly expandable
  • Digital modules are flexible: reaction time is freely adjustable between 2.65 µs and 40 ms
  • It is programmable with WinPLC7, Step7 Simatic Manager or TIA from Siemens
  • It is centrally and decentrally deployable
  • It provides fast data retrieval from analog modules: conversion of 4 analog channels in 100 µ

You want to save time and money and wire your control system or its I/O modules faster? You can do this with the ready-to-use front plugs. They are available in a
length of 2.5 m up to 5 m. Each wire is individually marked, so that no confusion can occur.

VIPA 300S+ boasts comprehensive communication capability and modern protocols:

  • Ethernet-, PROFIBUS-DP-, serial RS485 and MPI interface on board
  • Optional: Profinet, CANopen, Interbus, Seriel, Modbus RTU, Modbus on TCP, UDP, RFC1006
  • You can centrally deploy up to 32 modules – directly on the CPU!
  • It enables individually expandable reserve in performance and capacity
  • 36 month warranty
  • Certifications: cULus and CE

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control system Yaskawa VIPA 300S+ speed bus

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