TTControl rugged industrial operator interface

Make the most out of your operation in harsh environments with an excellent HD opeator interface that displays your data fast and with high resolution, no matter how demanding the situation is.

Reduce costs and develop applications faster

The TTControl HY-eVision² industrial vehicle operator interfaces will impress you with their high resolution and user-friendly interface, which will effectively manage every process. You will also be convinced by the possibility of programming in the CODESYS 3.x environment that offers you various visualization tools, as well as by an extensive Dashboard Design Elements library.

This will help you develop applications faster and reduce costs at the same time. You will also be able to install operator interface in demanding applications, as their recommended ambient ranges are between -30 °C and +60 °C.

TTControl rugged industrial operator interface

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Experience performance and flexibility

TTControl HY-eVision² industrial operator interfaces offer many possibilities for building smart and unique HMIs. When installing, you do not need to take  the orientation of the screen into account, i.e., the displays may either be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation. You can mount them in the vehicle dashboard or through an arm elsewhere in the cabin.

HMI displays have an integrated ambient light sensor, which will allow you to ensure optimal readability depending on the lighting conditions. You can easily switch between sophisticated day and night designs.

Meet key advantages of industrial operator interfaces

All interfaces allow you to display the picture-in-picture, which is very convenient when displaying up to two cameras when reversing. Industrial interfaces also display PDF files, so you can export data and download applications using a USB stick.

The modularly designed operator interfaces are available in a large 10.4” variant with a touchscreen and a smaller 7” variant. The 7 ” variant can also be equipped with a GPS/GSM or WLAN module.

TTControl rugged industrial operator interface vehicle

Industrial operator interfaces and their key advantages

TTControl industrial operator interface
  • Excellent sunlight readability
  • Best-in-clas CPU performance and boot-up time
  • Robust and easy to clean
  • Up to 4 CAN interfaces (CAN open support)
  • Optionally mobile, GPS and WLAN enabled
  • High-end graphics (3D and transparency effects)
  • Interface for Ethernet cameras, direct connection of 2 cameras
  • Pre-designed Dashboard Design Elements
  • Programming and debugging facilitated by CODESYS 3.x

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TTControl industrial operator interface

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