FLCs for full process control

Field Logic Controller (FLC) technology was developed by Turck while searching for optimal solutions for your automated process. FLC technology is based on the ARGEE web software environment, which extends the functionality of passive I/O modules with a multi-protocol Ethernet platform and logical functionalities. In this way, the I/O module is transformed into a Field Logic Controller or FLC.

Access your application from anywhere

Turck‘s FLC solution is based on the revolutionary ARGEE software environment – A Really Great Engineering Environment, located on the World Wide Web. It will allow you to easily set conditions and campaigns directly at the basic field level.

You will be able to access the software environment via smart devices anywhere and anytime. FLC controllers can independently control various applications and perform various logical functions. These include arithmetic, time and counting functions, and binary switching functions. At the same time, they can exchange data with parent controllers.

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Benefit from a great engineering environment

The ARGEE programming environment is based on the HTML5 and JAVAScript programming languages ​​and thus offers you a complete engineering environment. Based on this feature, you will easily write, run, simulate, test, and monitor the FLC controller program code. And all this without the need for a PLC controller.

According to Turck FLC, controllers represent the future of device control and regulation. Although they will not replace PLCs for the time being, they offer completely new ways of controlling automated processes.

Choose between the following I/O modules

Turck TBEN S&L

TBEN S&L Turck
  • Waterproof housing
  • Protection: IP69K
  • Temperature range: from -40 °C to + 70 °C
  • TBEN-L models with various signal variants
  • Model TBEN-S with 8 digital or 4 analog outputs
  • Special modules for RFID and I/O Link

Turck BL compact

TBEN BL Compact Turck
  • Waterproof housing
  • Protection: IP69K
  • Temperature range: from -40 °C to + 70 °C
  • 16 digital outputs in M8 or M12 connectivity
  • Variety of input signals
  • Support for digital, analog, I/O Link and RFID signals

Turck FEN20

FEN 20 Turck
  • Suitable for electrical cabinets
  • Protection: IP20
  • Temperature range: from -40 °C to + 70 °C
  • With up to 16 universal digital inputs or outputs
  • Flexible as you can use universal channels as inputs or outputs

Select your vesion of ARGEE environment


ARGEE Flow Diagram Turck

ARGEE FLOW allows you to easily define control functions using a drop-down structure. The structure of the functions is based on a ladder diagram of simple “if” statements. You will now be able to define the functions of the FLC controller even without programming knowledge.

ARGEE FLOW enables:

  • configure the FLC controller using Boolean logic
  • logical connection of input and output signals
  • use up to two time and counting functions
  • communication with PLC controller


ARGEE PRO within the software environment offers an advanced editor that provides many more control and programming options than the drop-down structure of the basic diagrams. Despite its many advanced features, you will be impressed by its simple and self-evident use. You will also be convinced by a clear display of the status of the current signal and program code.

ARGEE PRO enables:

    • performing arithmetic operations,
    • use of many internal variables, time and counting functions (up to 6 kB)
    • exchanging large amounts of data with a PLC controller
    • execution of “if” statements and sequential states
Field Logic Controllers Turck ARGEE PRO Diagram

Meet the advantages of ARGEE

Field Logic Controllers Turck ARGEE Technology

Thanks to the control intelligence of ARGEE technology, Turck’s I / O modules are the ideal solution for Industry 4.0. Support for various communication standards such as Ethernet, I / O Link and RFID will also help.

ARGEE also exchanges data with connected control systems, communicating via PROFINET, Ethernet / IP or Modbus TCP. Thus, FLC can be used for decentralized pre-processing of signals.

The ARGEE software environment is based on the latest HTML5 standard and is therefore suitable for use on any device. This will allow you to program the processes anywhere and anytime.

Turck offers the ARGEE software environment free of charge when you purchase their TBEN-L, BL compact and FEN20 I / O modules.

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Field Logic Controllers Turck

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