Leuze 25C powerful photocell

Use extremely reliable and efficient 25C series of retro-reflective photoelectric sensors from Leuze in a wide range of industrial applications.

Automate with a universal sensor solution

The Leuze 25C polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor (photocell) is a universal sensor solution for a wide range of applications in packaging systems, intralogistics and automation technology. It offers the largest operating ranges for its size and convinces with generous function reserve.

Special devices such as the sensors with elongated or small light spot, clear glass photoelectric sensors or the high-power throughbeam photoelectric sensors are outstanding problem solvers for tricky applications.

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Exploit the improvements

The retro-reflective sensor boasts an increased power reserve, which is as much as 80% larger than in previous models. This enables you:

  • Better and more efficient elimination of ambient light from the environment, which makes the sensor insensitive to ambient light.
  • Automatic adjustment of the sensor sensitivity when impurities and reflections of the surroundings appear on the protective glass.
  • Insensitivity to dirt and grime, as the sensor can operate in different modes due to the large reserve. Everything from minimum sensitivity to maximum gain.
25C series retro-reflective photoelectric sensors Leuze

Use it in applications where you need high reliability

  • The 25C photocell is adapted for use in an extremely wide temperature range from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C.
  • The housing offers a level of protection that reaches the class IP67 or IP69K, which makes it easy to use even in the most demanding environments.
  • The photocell is created for use on conveyor belts of the manufacturing industry and for special machines that require high reliability of operation.

Choose your preferred version

25C series retro-reflective photoelectric sensors Leuze

In the picture you can see the different versions of the photocell with the size of the light beam, the length of the beam and the shape of the end point. Fox example you can choose:

  • Light barrier with a large capacity reserve and a range of 200m.
  • Mirror-reflex design in combination with very small mirrors especially suitable for dusty environments and detection of transparent foils.
  • The version of the sensor boasts the longest touch distance in its class, as it can reliably type objects up to a distance of 1200mm

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25C series retro-reflective photoelectric sensors Leuze

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