Quick, compact and cost efficient

The Yaskawa Vipa SLIO Compact CPU is the right choice for anyone looking for a controller that combines the performance of the SPEED7 with incredibly compact design. This speed demon eliminates your small to medium sized automation worries. You profit by saving space as well as by a cost saving.

SLIO Compact CPU – SPEED7 technology in a small package

The Yaskawa Vipa SLIO Compact CPU 013C, with integrated digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs and some special functions, offers you all the performance of the irrepressible  SPEED7 technology in an incredibly compact housing. You profit by saving space in the control cabinet, especially when it comes to mass-produced devices, as well as the high performance, and the extensive expansion options .

You also profit by a cost saving of up to approx. 30% on the procurement side, compared with the modular SLIO controller. With it, you have a hell of a great performance in very little space.

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The highlights of the SLIO compact CPU

Yaskawa Vipa SLIO Compact CPU
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • SPEED7 technology for fast processing, precise positioning and diverse control tasks
  • Fast backplane bus transmission of 48 MBit/s
  • CPU expandable with up to 64 SLIO modules
  • 30 integrated I/O’s: 16 digital inputs, 12 digital outputs, 2 analog inputs (0-10V), technological functions: 2x PWM, 1x counter, 1x frequency measurement
  • 2x Ethernet interface and 1x RS485 for optional PROFIBUS DP slave function
  • Flexible memory and fieldbus configuration by means of the VIPA SET Card (VSC)

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