Frequency Converter GA700

The versatile Yaskawa frequency converter GA700 for industrial applications is distinguished by great flexibility, small dimensions, and built-in features. Its encoder connections allow for more precise and accurate control of the motor’s speed and torque. Manage GA700 easily  with your smartphone and use its powerful configuration tools for easy set-up, maintenance and troubleshooting to save valuable time.

Provide superior control with frequency converter

In modern applications a need for high-precision positioning and synchronization of electric motors is constantly increasing, not only to save energy, but also to reduce scrap and maintenance costs. The reliable control is provided by frequency drives that change the speed or torque of electric motors.

With a flexible motor control, powerful and extendable functionality and a broad power range, the Yaskawa GA700 frequency converter meets the above requirements. This incredibly reliable, powerful, and easy-to-use drive of choice for almost any industrial application task, is designed for 10 years of maintenance-free operation.

Let the GA700 benefits impress you

Yaskawa GA700 frequency converter

Flexibility, ease of use, and a sustainable design of GA 700, all offer the best value proposition for your application.

Check out the driver’s main benefits:

You can easily integrate GA700 drive into systems and machinery. You’ll get your automation jobs done with minimum effort as this frequency converter combines network support, application-focused features, and excellent customization options along with unparalleled ease of use.

A variety of incorporated features eliminates the need for peripherals. Both easy wiring and smart functions that allow for completing a basic setup in only in 5 minutes, further greatly reduce the time and cost required for having a functioning system.

The frequency converter provides maximum control performance with minimized energy consumption through the incorporated latest motor control technologies for induction, permanent magnet, and synchronous reluctance motors.

GA700 frequency converter’s robust design featurs coated PCBs and allows operation in 50 °C without derating. At the same time, machine monitoring functions and an integrated service life time prediction prevent sudden failures. The GA700 is built to perform reliably, effectively securing operation and preventing production losses.

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Improve usability with LCD keypad

You can easily program and operate GA700 with a high-resolution graphical keypad that supports 13 languages. A Setup Wizard and the intuitive full text menu structure simplify drive setup and save valuable time.

LCD keypad features:

  • Copy function for 4 sets of parameters
  • Data logging on Micro-SD card
  • Real-time clock
  • Available with Bluetooth for connecting a mobile device
  • Automatic backup function
  • Standard RJ45 cable connection
Frequency converter GA700 LCD keypad

Effortlessly integrate frequency converter to network

Yaskawa GA700 network

GA700 is adapted to various factory automation networks as it supports the major industrial communications and connection topologies. Through available built-in protocols and/or dedicated communication options (RS-485 MEMOBUS/Modbus protocol, 115.2 kbit/s communication speeds) you can reduce wiring when connecting to an upper level controller or PLC.

The embedded +24 VDC control power input allows for maintaining the network communication even during main power loss, thus enabling you continuous monitoring and faster start up on power recovery.

Up to five frequency drives can be accessed through just one fieldbus option card, thus providing a cost effective solution with less wiring effort.

Control a variety of motors with one drive

The frequency converter enables you precise control of induction-, permanent magnet- and synchronous reluctance motors, providing versatility to run a wide range of applications with single drive. Moreover, it can run all of these motor types without comprehensive tuning owing to the new EZ vector mode.

In addition to the open loop speed or torque control, you can also use the GA700 for the more advanced closed loop control (CLV-closed loop vector), as it features incremental (PG-X3) and complimentary encoder (PG-B3) connections. Using the feedback from the motor and the drive’s complex control algorithm, the closed loop control allows for highly dynamic and efficient performance across the motor’s full speed range. The AC drive’s high-precision absolute and relative positioning enhance the accuracy of the results.

Frequency converter GA700 for different motors

Run a variety of applications with one drive

Frequency converter GA700 efficiency

GA700 unlocks great energy saving potential in various applications, automatically optimizes the motor efficiency for any speed and load condition and minimizes overall losses. By running your application at maximum efficiency it lowers energy cost.

“One-for-all” features at a glance:

  • Tuning-less with EZ vector
  • Open/closed loop speed or torque control
  • Induction/permanent magnet motors
  • 590 Hz max. output frequency
  • Zero speed control without encoder
  • Synchronous reluctance motor control
  • Motor speed control range in closed loop mode of 1:1500
  • Automatic energy efficiency optimization function

Benefit from the flexible package design

With its flexible package design the GA700 enables a reliable operation under a variety of environmental conditions. You can put this AC drive in a control cabinet or on a wall, in a clean environment, or in a harsh one.

There are several installation designs available, with many advantages:

The GA700 with a integrated flange design offers easy installation when mounting the heatsink outside the cabinet to reduce cabinet size and cooling equipment.

If you need greater protection from dust particles, the optional Type 12/IP55 heatsink design is available, which reduces cooling requirements resulting in smaller cabinets.

The converter can also be mounted side-by-side with bottom entry wiring to reduce cabinet size.

  • IP20 standard
  • NEMA Type 1 kit optional
  • Coated boards
  • Built-in braking transistor (up to 90 kW)
  • Built-in EMC filter, possible to disable
  • Built-in DC reactor (up from 22 kW [HD])

The GA700 is built to withstand even the harshest and most demanding conditions. This ensures 10 years of maintenance-free operation.

  • The electronics is protected from dust or humidity by PCBs coating, ensuring reliable operation even in harsh environments (IEC 60723-3-3, 3C2, 3S2).
  • You can safely operate the frequency drive in ambient temperatures ranging from -10 °C up to 60 °C. It does not have to be derated up to 50 °C, and full power can be drawn.
  • An option for higher vibration resistance is available for mobile or other applications with high occurrence of vibration without sacrificing reliability.
  • With the built-in dual channel STO (safe torque off) circuit and EDM signal (electronic device monitor), the drive provides the right tools for easy integration of emergency stop functions into machines, even when higher levels of safety are required.
Yaskawa GA700 mounting

Convenient set-up and monitoring

Yaskawa GA700 convenient setup and monitoring

The GA700 provides a user-friendly self-guiding navigation menus and start-up wizards, which make the programming and set-up faster and easier than ever. DriveWizard and DriveWizard Mobile, together with the Yaskava Drive Cloud, all allow for your quick and easy drive management anywhere and anytime.

At the same time, DriveWorksEZ, an icon-based, drag-and-drop graphical environment, further enhances your programming experience. With its help, you can create or add programmable functions for your application in no time by drag-and-drop function blocks. These functions can tailor the drive to meet various machine and application requirements without external controllers (e.g., PLCs) or additional controller hardware options. This helps you reduce your business costs. The online diagnosis tool supports testing.

  • Icon-based graphics
  • Drag and drop graphical interface
  • Selection possibility from 300+ function blocks
  • Access to I/Os, network interfaces, drive parameters and monitors
  • Logic/math functions
  • Timers/counters
  • Subroutine creation
  • Up to 200 connections

The specifications of the frequency converter

  • High-resolution haptic keypad
  • Built-in EMC filter
  • Built-in DC reactor (up from 22 kW [HD])
  • Built-in RS-485 (Modbus/MEMOBUS)
  • Built-in Braking transistor (up to 90 kW)
  • Built-in Safety functions STO, SIL3, Cat3, Pl e
  • Easy side-by-side installation
  • Choice of space-saving vertical or horizontal placing
  • Power: 0.4–630 Kw
  • Quick and easy start up without in-depth programming skills
  • Highly efficient and flexible, for all types of applications
  • Top-quality and robust
  • For all major networks and topologies
  • Bluetooth connection

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GA700 frequency converter Yaskawa

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