High performance Inverter Drive A1000

The A1000 Series from Yaskawa is a premium inverter drive running not only induction motors, but also permanent magnet motors with full torque at zero speed. Benefit from its built-in functional safety features, optimized machine efficiency, easy integration of PLC functionality, easy and time-saving start-up, and space saving and compact set-up.

Take advantage of the A1000 excellent performance

The Yaskawa A1000 Series Inverter Drive comes from a leading global manufacturer of AC Drives, Servo Drives, Machine Controllers, PLCs and HMIs and industrial robots with a 100-year tradition.

The A1000 from Yaskawa is a powerful, reliable and highly efficient inverter drive running not only induction motors, but also PM motors. It provides full torque at zero speed in open and closed loop. Its advanced energy-saving control technology improves efficiency and machine productivity in combination with induction and PM motor operation.

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Advanced Motor Control

 inverter drive A1000 Series Yaskawa applications

Due to the Auto-Tuning methods the A1000 inverter drive continuously analyzes changes in motor characteristics during operation for highly precise speed control. Auto-Tuning features optimize drive parameters for operation with induction motors as well as synchronous motors to achieve the highest performance levels possible. Moreover, not only the drive and motor performance are optimized, but also settings relative to the connected machinery is automatically adjusted.

Protection levels: IP00, IP20, NEMA Type 1, IP54

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 inverter drive A1000 Series Yaskawa

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