Ultra compact J1000 Series Inverter Drive

Its small size and easy handling, together with the famous Yaskawa reability. make the J1000 inverter drive one of the most popular frequency converters – not only cost wise!

Inverter Drive for undemanding applications

The Yaskawa J1000 Series Inverter Drive comes from a leading global manufacturer of AC Drives, Servo Drives, Machine Controllers, PLCs and HMIs and industrial robots with a 100-year tradition.

The J1000 from Yaskawa is a simple, capable and reliable drive, suitable for undemanding applications of induction motors up to 5.5 kW. Outstanding power to size ratio and gapless side-by-side installation reduce its mounting space to a minimum.

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No more complex parameter changes!

inverter drive J1000 Series Yaskawa applications

The J1000 Series inverter drive automatically sets parameters needed for major applications. The easily understandable parameter structure allows you a setup in shortest time. It meets all requirements for compact applications with variable speeds and energy savings. It is capable of 150% overload in heavy duty mode (1 min).

You can control the inverter with a built-in 5-digit display or with the remote operator. The latter allows you to connect with the inverter and to monitor and change its parameters. A memory unit is available for data transfer between the inverter and PCs. You can use the J1000 inverter drive to control fans, pumps, compressors, conveyor belts, escalators, cranes, etc.

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inverter drive J1000 Series Yaskawa

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