Regenerative Matrix Converter U1000

The ultra-compact matrix converter U1000 from Yaskawa is a highly efficient AC drive based on latest matrix converter technology. With full power regeneration capability, it is your first choice for innovative, energy-efficient drive solutions with or without power regeneration.

In a class of it’s own

The Yaskawa U1000 low harmonics regenerative matrix converter is the perfect match for single motor drive applications with requirements to power regeneration and low harmonics such as lifts, escalators, HVAC machinery, hoists, centrifuges, and many others.

It offers precise control of induction and permanent magnet motors with or without encoder and highly efficient AC to AC direct conversion.

U1000 has great energy saving potential as it can operate fully regenerative.

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Take advantage of cost-saving benefits

matrix converter U1000 Yaskawa savings

In addition to an above-mentioned reduction of energy consumption, the U1000 provides cost-saving benefits by a simplified installation and smaller panel requirements.

The 13 language full text keypad built in makes connecting a U1000 drive a matter of minutes.

The U1000 offers the best low harmonic solution in one unit. The matrix converter does not need any external harmonic filters to meet IEEE 519 guideline.

Features of U1000 Matrix Converter

  • Precise motor control with or without encoder
  • Highly efficient direct AC-AC conversion
  • EMC filter built-in
  • High efficiency (Power factor: 0.98)
  • No maintenance costs for 10 years
  • Easy operation
  • Energy saving
  • Environmental friendliness
matrix converter U1000 Yaskawa applications

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matrix converter U1000 Yaskawa

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